Fire Safety

December 21, 2016
Hosted by Elaine Birchall, MSW RSW

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Elaine Birchall, host of the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel Program “Take Back Your Life: When Your Things Are Taking Over” will be joined by special guest Fire Chief Jim Sawkins on Wednesday December 21st, 2016, to discuss fire risks in a hoarded environment.

Take Back Your Life: When Your Things Are Taking Over

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Five to six percent of the world’s people Hoard.. Over double that number care about them. Elaine Birchall is here to coach OVERWHELMED people to get unstuck from the clutter in their lives, break down blame and shame, guide and encourage those who Hoard to the lives they want. We only have one life and it is a needless shame to waste it stuck. Each of us has the right answers inside us for the challenges we face. My Mission and skill is to help you find and use them to enrich your life.

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Elaine Birchall, MSW RSW

I can help people take back their life from their CLUTTER! I help them to understand and deal with the underlying reasons that they hoard, or excessively acquire. I am a recognized Canadian hoarding expert, with fourteen years of experience working with people who hoard and those who care about them, training other professionals including Fire Departments, Police, First Responders, Physicians, community and hospital based Psychiatrists and more.

I mentor hoarding coalitions across Canada and around the world. I believe that no one ever accomplished anything difficult by feeling “less” about themselves. As a hoarding expert I have been covered in print, radio and television media. I was the initiator and coordinator of the first Canadian Hoarding Coalition in 2003 and Canadian National Hoarding Coalition in 2012. Among other accolades I served as a federal fundraiser for groundbreaking Canadian Hoarding research assisting with the production of the “No Room To Spare” program in 2006, was awarded two Nepean Police commendations while on MSW placement, and was a finalist for Businesswoman of the Year: Professional Category in 2012.

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Mike Frampton

Ontario Remediation Services (ORS) was formed in 2010 by Mike Frampton and Dave Colterman, two bio-hazard remediation technicians with over ten years experience in the industry between them. Mike and Dave also have years of prior experience in related fields, including construction, disaster restoration, and health services. We believe it is possible to provide safe, thorough cleaning solutions, while still maintaining compassion and respect for our clients. By bringing together innovative techniques and competitive pricing, we strive to do our part quickly and efficiently so our clients can move forward.
By fostering partnerships within the industry and in the community, we also try to provide the most comprehensive services possible. In addition to our work with private home owners and property management companies, we have worked alongside community non-profits, health professionals, various contractors, and local, provincial, and federal police services. ORS is certified by IIC View Guest page

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As an adult child of alcoholics, child abuse and Hoarding Jane is living proof that with the will to find and be your best self, accept the healthy love of others no matter you have come from, YOU CAN OVERCOME
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Fire Chief Jim Sawkins

Fire Chief Jim Sawkins to Discuss Fire Safety on VoiceAmerica Variety Channel Dec. 21st Elaine Birchall, host of the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel Program “Take Back Your Life: When Your Things Are Taking Over” will be joined by special guest Fire Chief Jim Sawkins on Wednesday December 21st, 2016, to discuss fire risks in a hoarded environment. OTTAWA – Chief Sawkins, the current President of the Northwest Territories Fire Chief’s Association, will provide expert information from his over 30- year firefighting career, addressing such topics as how you can put strategies in place to keep yourself safe from fire, how the holiday season adds to the complexity of fire safety, and how fire safety differs across geographical and cultural realities. Chief Sawkins became a firefighter with the Canadian Forces fire services in June 1980. View Guest page

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