How We Are All Connected: A talk with Tommy Rosa

December 30, 2016
Hosted by Dr. John and Linda Gonino

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Tommy Rosa was a Bronx born plumber that was involved in a hit and run accident in 1999. While in a coma, he met God. Tommy returned holding 8 profound health revelations. Co- written with Dr. Stephen Sinatra, the book Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth was the outcome of Tommy's death experience. He will be joining us to discuss the book, and How We Are All Connected! "It’s easy to fall into thinking of ourselves as only individuals, separated from our fellow human beings, but in essence that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We are all connected and part of one great big beautiful human family, and we are responsible for each other. The factors which we sometimes can think separate us, such as age, race, or religion, for example, are really only self-imposed perimeters we have invented in our society(ies). In truth, we are all connected. It’s important to remember this, because it allows us to operate from a place of love and unity, versus feeling isolated and alone."

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