When you know changes are coming, what should you consider?

March 22, 2017
Hosted by Lesia Kushner, PROSCI Certified, B. Ed.

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What Should You Consider For Change? Before you see or know of changes coming, what are things you should really consider? What do you watch for and understand in your organization? Should there be things you keep an eye on? Is there a calm before the storm? Do you ever get PROactive or is it better to just always stay REactive? Join me in this session where we will answer all of those questions and much more.

Change is the New Constant

Wednesday at 10 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel

Learning how to manage changes will be your success! Everyone is experiencing overwhelming changes in both business and personal lives, including renowned change manager Lesia Kushner. Learning how to navigate changes, react quickly in this fast-paced world, weather storms and avoid pitfalls are all essential. With her knowledge and experience, Lesia will guide you on how to successfully manage change and share with you the tools and techniques of change management, as they are the valuable toolbox with infinite potential. She will occasionally be joined by guests who add wisdom and practical advice. In fact, change is now becoming a stable constant. Learning how to manage this new constant is critical for success. Change is the New Constant is broadcast live every Wednesday at 10 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel.

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Lesia Kushner, PROSCI Certified, B. Ed.

Lesia Kushner is a qualified and experienced change manager, who consults with companies executing large-scale organizational or system implementations. With her expertise in change management, she meets the goals to maximize user adoption, minimize cost, reduce downtime, ease transition and facilitate managing resistance. Her success as a change manager is increased due to her extensive, diverse job experience. Her career started as a high school computer teacher, then transitioned to computer network administrator, having strong leadership and management skills she became a project manager, then a training manager, and now is a change manager. It was as a project manager and training manager that she realized, for success in major transformational changes, more focus was needed on the users and simply training users or sending out a single communication notice was not nearly enough to be successful, which brought her to change management. This was key to success. The missing piece, not just for upper management, but for the success of the project and the implementation of major changes, Lesia cleverly and skillfully CHANGED them through to success. Lesia now realizes that she is able to use her change management tools and techniques outside of business and in her personal life, to similarly make it a wonderful success!

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Paula Onysko

Paula Onysko is a sought-after money, empowerment & business coach for inspiring entrepreneurs and professional women. She combines her corporate business background with coaching and communications expertise to help women leap into six figure success and beyond, without burn-out or selling their souls.
Often referred to as the reframe queen, Paula guides her clients to strengthen their mindset, confidence, boundaries and money alignment. She also incorporates tools such as the Sacred Money Archetypes® and EFT tapping, which facilitate profound inner empowerment.
Paula’s expertise has been featured in the business section of the Calgary Herald, in corporate boardrooms and at women’s conferences. Rated a top speaker, she loves sharing wisdom on money mastery, business success, and divine personal power. View Guest page

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