Why Diversity and Inclusion Still Matter for Today's Leader.

July 17, 2017
Hosted by Bernard E. Robinson

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Diversity and its management remains a key challenge for organizations and its leaders. Whether its race or class, gender or age, the modern day leader must understand and learn to effectively manage and lead the “mixing bowl of others.” Your host Bernard E. Robinson and his guest Dianne Sutton will discuss the challenges leaders face in leading an increasingly diverse workplace culture. In an era when workers are demanding to not be merely recognized, but respected and included, the leaders who leads well and their companies will be the winners in the marketplace. Leaders who have the knowledge and skill to manage diversity will be positioned to build cultures that honor – and leverage – diversity. Today’s show examines the issue of diversity and helps answer questions such as “Does diversity and Inclusion still matter?” “If it does, why?” and “What do leaders need to know and do to effectively lead a diverse group of followers?”

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Bernard E. Robinson

After more than 30 years training more than 29,000 business and industry employees, supervisors, managers and executives at all organizational levels, I have perfected the consulting skills required and utilized the expertise and experience needed to provide solutions to my clients. This has included a wide array of projects, products and services that enabled them to improve their organizational and operational performance. As President of the Institute for Human Development for more than 29 years, I have used my performance improvement consulting skills to amass a wealth of practical knowledge about the topic of performance, in general, and leadership in particular. In addition to being an expert trainer and group facilitator, I am a leadership and business development expert and coach.

I am the author of “The Skills of an Effective Leader: Becoming a Leader Others Want to Follow,” and a member of the Institute of Management Consultants, and have earned certification as a Certified Management Consultant. I am a member of the Mentors Guild, which is a group for seasoned business experts, advisors and management consultants. The Institute was selected as one of the recipients of the 2010 Top 100 Minority Business Enterprise Awards in September 2010, an award that honors outstanding women and minority business owners in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and the District of Columbia. The Institute was selected out of nearly 5,000 applicants.

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June 2017

Dianne Floyd Sutton

Dianne Floyd Sutton is a speaker, trainer, educator, author, coach, actor and President of Sutton Enterprises. She has spent over three decades providing employee training and development and facilitation services - crafting her career as a pioneer and leader in the human capital development field. Dianne is well-known for her humor, honesty and refreshingly down-to-earth messages. Dianne’s straightforward approach to career and employee management and her ability to engage and entertain her audiences has resulted in numerous requests to share her expertise both nationally and internationally. Dianne was an adjunct professor at American University, School of Communication and has been recognized as an outstanding faculty member of the Graduate School USA, Center for Leadership and Management. She has served as a guest lecturer in the academic community (College of Southern Maryland, University of the District of Columbia, George Washington University and Florida A & M). View Guest page

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