Relationship Coffee, Connecting with Farmers Behind Their Cup

October 17, 2017
Hosted by Aniko Somogyi, of Anikona Farm 100% Kona Coffee

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Close and transparent relationships with coffee farmers around the world encourages unmatched insight into their community needs and plans for business growth. The organization Sustainable Harvest is well-equipped to facilitate origin projects that impact coffee-producing communities and help customers connect with the farmers behind their cup. David Griswold, Founder and CEO, of Sustainable Harvest has been revolutionizing speciality coffee since 1997. We'll be sharing favorite coffee stories with David and hearing how Sustainable Harvest creates transparent relationships that increase value throughout the supply chain, all while fostering greater sustainability. It's all about "Relationship Coffee."

My Favorite Coffee Story

My Favorite Coffee Story

Tuesday at 4 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Variety Channel

The My Favorite Coffee Story Show is about the “stories” that define people’s lives and value system, often shared over a cup of coffee. If you have a treasured memory from your past, if you are a mom or daughter, friend, casual acquaintance or just like a moment alone in a beautiful setting where they share over a cup of anything, usually coffee, then our show is just for you! We will cover special one on one moments, coffee history, coffee health benefits, recipes, great coffee houses of the world, coffee movie moments and stories of how the coffee phenomena permeates all of our lives in some way. My Favorite Coffee Story is broadcast live every Tuesday at 4 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.

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Aniko Somogyi, of Anikona Farm 100% Kona Coffee

Aniko Somogyi, of Anikona Farm 100% Kona Coffee

I have spent most of my career in high tech and working at Microsoft, mainly in Seattle and Silicon Valley. We’ve enjoyed investing in various startups and have founded several startups on our own. I think fondly of those days working on the new versions of PowerPoint, growing the PowerPoint team, and even creating international versions.

I always had the dream to have a coffee farm and that has become our latest venture. My Hungarian grandfather visited us in the 1960’s, introducing us to delicious espresso coffee that he would hand grind himself and brew on the stove. Even though I was a little girl, I still remember those moments with wonderful coffee aromas in the home. My grandfather, a Colonel in the Hungarian army, reminded us to work hard and remember to savor special times with family and friends over a good cup of coffee.

We celebrate my grandfather as we now grow, produce and sell 100 percent Kona coffee from our farm in Holualoa on the Big Island of Hawaii. We have spent the last two years learning about coffee, becoming part of the Kona coffee terroir, tending to the coffee trees, developing the Anikona brand, creating our website and managing production. We have brought our experience with high tech companies and investments to how we manage operations at the farm. Our aim is to create the champagne of coffee at Anikona Farm and along the way, share interesting, fun coffee stories on the “My Favorite Coffee Story” radio show.

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Valerie Corcoran

Since 2016, Valerie Corcoran has served as President of the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival in Kona, Hawaii. Valerie has been a long time Festival board member and Festival volunteer. She also served as Vice President prior to becoming President. Valerie's festival and community experience, knowledge and energy have been helping Hawaii's oldest food festival continue to evolve and grow. Since 1991, Valerie started volunteering with the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival when she moved to a coffee farm. She chaired the Festival's Farm Fair and became the Festival's Operations Director. Born and raised in Kona, Valerie grew up on a coffee farm where she worked alongside her family picking Kona's famous harvest. View Guest page

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Bob Donegan

Mr. Robert Donegan has been President of Ivar's Inc. since 2001. Since Mr. Donegan started with Ivar's in 1997, the chain has grown from 45 to 61 units. Prior to serving with Ivar's, he was Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President for Peet's Coffee from 1994 to 1997. Mr. Donegan has been a Director of Cost-u-less, Inc. since 2004. He has been a Member of Economic Advisory Council at Federal Reserve Bank San Francisco since 2017 and served as Director of Umpqua Holdings Corp since 2014. He served as Director at Sterling Financial Corp. since 2010 and Director of Golf Savings Bank since 2006. He was Board Chair at Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce in 2012. He is a board member of the Seattle Aquarium, the Chief Seattle Council of Boy Scouts, the Seattle Historic Waterfront Assoc, and the Seattle Sports Comm. He received degrees in economics and journalism from University of Wisconsin, and also a master's in Public and Private Management from Yale School of Management. View Guest page

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David Griswold

David Griswold is the CEO of Sustainable Harvest. David directed Aztec Harvest from 1990 to 1995 and founded Sustainable Harvest in 1997. He also worked as Director of Coffee Programs for Conservation International. David served as President of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCAA) from 2003 to 2004 and led the association in its first Sustainability Conference. In 2008, David received the SCAA’s Outstanding Contribution Award in recognition for his contribution to the SCAA and the specialty coffee industry. In 2010, he was named one of America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs by Bloomberg Businessweek.
Through transparent relationships, Sustainable Harvest has helped change how farmers and buyers interact. While opacity still exists in some part of the industry, many stakeholders have discovered the importance of building relationships in their supply chain to strengthen their supply, foster greater sustainability, and offer a consumer brand-building opportunity. View Guest page

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Scott McMartin

Scott McMartin has 20+ years of deep specialty coffee experience including managing global coffee supply relationships in excess 400M pounds per year, leading a team of 20 coffee quality managers, and developing coffee blends and related CPG products for multiple Fortune 100 companies including Starbucks, Kraft, PepsiCo, United Airlines, Dreyers, Anheuser-Busch and Panera Bread.
McMartin’s work has involved meeting client’s specific needs from a flavor profile perspective, while other work has focused on the creation of new product lines and line extensions. Scott contributed 19 years to Starbucks’ selecting coffee blends. In his quest for the world’s best coffees, Scott has traveled to over 20 origin countries allowing him to learn about many cultures’ growing and processing techniques. Scott’s passion pushed him to pursue studies in the culinary arts as a sommelier, beer judge and coffee grader. View Guest page

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Lannie Medina

Lannie Medina's passion is to make a positive social impact by designing and implementing solutions which secure the financial stability of organizations. Currently, Lannie Medina works at Tech Bay Area Advocates, an organization that connects the Bay Area technology sector to other tech hubs around the world. View Guest page

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Carolyn Miles

Carolyn Miles is President & Chief Executive Officer of Save the Children, an organization that gives children in the United States and around the world a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. The global Save the Children movement with resources just under $700m serves more than 166 million children in the US and in more than 120 countries. Under her senior leadership, the organization has more than doubled the number of children it reaches with nutrition, health, education and other programs. Miles' signature issues include hunger, learning outcomes, and ending preventable child deaths.
Prior to Save the Children, she worked in the private sector in Hong Kong for American Express and as an entrepreneur. While in Asia, she confronted the deprivation of the region’s children, which motivated her to dedicate her life to their welfare. Miles serves on numerous boards and was named one of the 50 World's Greatest Leaders by Fortune Magazine in 2015. View Guest page

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Umeko Motoyoshi

Umeko Motoyoshi is Head of Coffee at Sudden Coffee, where she leads product development. Her mission is to make specialty coffee a rewarding and welcoming experience for people of all backgrounds. She joined Sudden after working in specialty coffee for over 10 years, most recently as Head of Education & Training at Four Barrel Coffee.
Umeko is a licensed Q grader and (probably) the first person to represent an instant coffee company in a barista competition. During her time in coffee, she has managed cafes, refurbished espresso machines, and starred in a Japanese reality show, where she brewed coffee with water from a mountain shrine. Outside of work, Umeko serves on the committee of The Coffee Woman - a group dedicated to amplifying minority voices in specialty coffee. View Guest page

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Stephan Roche

Since drinking his first cup out of a percolator growing up in New England, Stephan has been an avid fan of coffee. His lifelong connection with coffee has taken him from the front lines of Folgers as a brand assistant at P&G right out of college to the Kauai coffee fields as a Bain & Company consultant many years later. When it comes to drinking coffee, Stephan's been at the forefront of our generational shift in taste towards finer blends of the highest quality beans. His preferred cup is made using the pour-over brewing method. In other words, no more percolated coffee. Stephan is married to a fellow coffee aficionado and has college-aged triplets just beginning their coffee drinking journey. View Guest page

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Professor Selwa A.F. Al-Hazzaa M.D., F.R.C.S. (Ophthal)

Professor Selwa Al-Hazzaa is a Saudi Ophthalmologist at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and the head of the Ophthalmology Department. She is considered one of the most influential personalities in Saudi Arabia, and the Arab World in general. She is also considered to be a pioneer for Saudi women, as she is one of the first Saudi women to achieve international success academically professionally, and politically. On January 11th, 2013, per Royal Decree from King Abdullah, Dr. Al-Hazzaa became one of the first ever-female members of Majlis Al Shura “Saudi’s Parliament”. She was named “Arab Woman of the Year” in the field of Medicine and Community Services in 2005 from the Arab Women Studies Center in Paris. In addition, Forbes International Magazine chose her as one of “The Most Powerful Arab Women in 2005.” In 2017, a Swiss University presented Dr. Al-Hazzaa with the "Doctor of Humanity" award for her pioneering and unique contribution to her medical specialty. View Guest page

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Evelyn Somogyi

Evelyn Somogyi graduated with a Psychology degree from Whittier College, Los Angeles in 2016. She is currently working towards a medical degree in neurosurgery or ophthalmology. Evelyn developed her own company creating Flower Crowns and Headbands for special events, weddings, cheer teams, music festivals and fundraisers. View Guest page

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Chef Jason Wilson

James Beard Award-winning Chef Jason Wilson’s broad range of culinary abilities center upon sourcing the highest quality, seasonal ingredients from Northwest and American farmers, producers and fishermen.
In addition to just opening his latest restaurant, The Lakehouse in Bellevue, Washington with its northwest farmhouse elegant vibe, Chef Jason’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident in such endeavors as modern speakeasy inspired Civility & Unrest, the thriving Miller’s Guild in downtown Seattle, the former, critically-acclaimed Crush, as Executive Chef and Product Developer for Coffee Flour, the next global superfood and global impact food, and much more. View Guest page

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Asher Yaron

Asher Yaron has over 10 years experience in the coffee business and has been directly involved in every stage of the coffee process from "the cherry to the cup".
Mr. Yaron's discoveries about coffee and its powerful medicinal properties have been acquired after years of extensive research and testing. Specifically, Mr Yaron had identified and focused his efforts on the two most important aspects of coffee, potency and taste. He has developed techniques as well as the machines necessary to maximize these aspects and create the best coffee in the world. Mr. Yaron has invented coffee roasting and brewing equipment and has created a unique closed loop system that produces the finest coffee as well as being green, sustainable, and economical with ZERO waste!
Mr. Yaron is a well known TEDx speaker and has recently written a groundbreaking book about coffee, "Get Your Fix!". View Guest page

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