Reclaiming Your Power and Rebalancing Your Life

November 13, 2017
Hosted by Treena Wynes

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Are you unconsciously giving your power away? Are you giving and giving not realizing you are putting yourself in a position where you are not where you want to be? Those who are natural caregivers tend to give away so much of themselves they forget they have their own desires and needs. It isn't until their own vessels are empty and they realize how dissatisfied, tired disempowered or stressed they have become. In order to reclaim our power we need to understand what triggers us to give it away. Is it because we want to be seen as caring, adequate, responsible, competent or even perfect? Is it because we are afraid of being alone, criticized, or verbally attacked? In order to take back our power we need to stop thinking we can control negative circumstances or negative responses by others by handing our power over to someone else. If we continually give our power away eventually we feel we have lost control of our own lives.

Life Happens. Let’s Talk.

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Life Happens Let’s Talk provides an open atmosphere for conversation and engagement about the roadblocks and life changing events we come up against. You hear lessons, messages and relatable information that you can bring forward in your own life. The unexpected interruptions of life may veer us on other paths or provide us reality checks but choosing our detours or reactions wisely may be exactly what we need, redirection or realignment.

Treena Wynes brings a blend of warmth, charm and humor demonstrating that we are all in this together. You hear about how others were able to reach an epiphany about their dissatisfaction, unhappiness and fears causing them to make essential changes.

Her guests provide valuable information, insight and enlightenment on topics such as failed marriages, doomed business ventures, toxic relationships, death, cancer, poor self-esteem and emotional health which have led them to a place of self-actualization, life satisfaction or peace.

Treena Wynes

Treena has been a social worker for seventeen years. Today as a Director of a child and family agency, community volunteer, board member, an award-winning author and speaker, wife and mother she has many daily obligations and responsibilities, however it is her compassion and creative inspirations that drive her to serve others. She also understands the importance of self-care and enjoying life to its fullest as well as recognizing the delicate balance of managing work, family life and play.

As a teen, Treena struggled with low self-esteem and body issues, including bulimia. She empathizes with people who sell themselves short and limit their potential. Going through this experience has given her a non-judgmental attitude, unlimited patience, and a caring manner when working with people because she understands what it is like to carry the burden of not feeling good enough. Her books, Eating Myself Crazy: How I Made Peace With Food (And You Can Too) and Am I The Only One? Struggling Being a Teen, are excellent tools for those looking to change their lives one small, positive decision at a time by discovering a full awareness of how thoughts and needs drive behaviors. She also helps those in need through her website.

She has been a guest for numerous T.V. and radio shows, won two U.S. book awards including Best Nonfiction, nominated for YWCA Women of Distinction and co-founder of Ignite the Life Youth Suicide Conference. She lives in Saskatchewan, Canada.

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