August 21, 2018
Hosted by Dawn Christensen

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This hard hitting episode is Part 2 of TOXIC PARENTS. In the previous episode we identified what Toxic Parents are, behavioral patters of a Toxic Parent and the 7 "most common" types of Toxic Parents. NOW that we know the main types of Toxic Parents, we will give you the right TOOLS to overcome their hurtful legacy and RECLAIM YOUR LIFE. Obtain the strength to change yourself without changing your parents so that you can break the vicious generational cycle. RECLAIM YOUR LIFE NOW by: 1. Becoming aware of your true feelings, beliefs and behaviors. 2. Don't use forgiveness as an excuse to pretend it didn't happen. 3. Break the cycle and make sure you don't impose toxicity on your children! and more.....DON'T MISS THIS REVEALING EPISODE!

Reclaiming Your Life

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Our show centers around parents and children, suffering through separation and divorce (or tumultuous family structure) and how most parents can’t get out of their own way to really see what is happening to their children. It includes talks about why adults get sucked into the hamster-wheel of vindictive and poisonous or toxic behaviors and what this is teaching or creating in their children when they are oblivious to it.

If you, or anyone you know is in a family crisis, are contemplating separation or divorce or has a tumultuous situation and are at wits end, in need of a nonjudgmental voice to connect with, we are here.

Dawn Christensen

Dawn Christensen is a dedicated consultant/coach who will support you in making your life better, including life after divorce. She is especially passionate about working with parents, because she understands the unique difficulties of going through not only life, but the divorce process with children.

Before having a child of her own, Dawn’s passion for protecting and educating children was filtered through her working as a preschool teacher. Currently, Dawn is a franchise owner of Divorce with Dignity in Contra Costa County and owns A-1 Affordable Aid in San Joaquin County. In addition to offering life coaching through the divorce process, she also supports many people in saving money and time with their legal issues by assisting with the paperwork and court processes involved in divorce and many other civil matters.

Dawn was married at a very young age. When Dawn's son was three years old she finally found the courage to end her five-year marriage. It was a traumatic experience that involved custody battles, vindictiveness, court appearances, and put her tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

When the stress of the divorce was evident in her son’s declining health and emotional issues, Dawn approached her ex-husband and made an agreement to co-parent and rebuild trust, as friends, for their son's benefit. After her divorce, she became passionate about teaching others how to thrive after divorce and in life!

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