The Solidarity Narrative - a Solutions Summit for Unity - 15 Speakers 1 Purpose

June 27, 2020
Hosted by Krystylle L. Richardson, BSIE, SSGB, RAB-LPA, aka Sergeant K

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Episode Description

The Solidarity Narrative - a Solutions Summit for Unity - 15 Speakers 1 Purpose. Under fear and stress some of us run, some of us are passive, someone of us an angry and hit back. And some of us reflect and try to bring light to the darkness. Right now things need to change now more than ever we can either sit back and blame or step up and be the change. If you want to be part of solution join us and let’s crush it with real talk, let's hear all views, and slap the fear of differences in the face with positivity. OUR SPEAKERS ARE SOME OF THE NATIONS TOP VOICES OF UNITY. HEAR THEIR INTERVIEWS, ENGAGE AND INTERACT THROUGHOUT THE SUMMIT. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD AS WELL. Racism, classism, and bitter hate is real. These all cause people to do things that they would not potentially do if they could see that there's a better way. Join us. Be the Voice. Be the Change. Be the Answer...One colorblind human being at a time. SAY IT WITH US "UNITY IS MY DESTINY"

Soaring with Eagles

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Do you ever wonder why some people SOAR like Eagles and others can’t get out of the nest? Do you wake up often thinking, my life is missing something? Have you ever said, if I just knew their secret and had help, I could have a greater impact, make more money for a better life? Well, Soaring with Eagles can catapult you into financial freedom as you monetize your UNIQUEness. Everyone has an idea they can monetize. Millionaires and billionaires are people just like you. Krystylle’s successful guests will share their stories as she takes a controversial and edgy approach to talk triumphs, tragedies, and tools. Tune in and transform your wealth profile by understanding successful peoples relationship with money and how most of us have drastically underutilized our 7 Degrees of Influence. Hear how Krystylle transforms the mind-set of her circle with her unique take on GIVING BACK to change the world.

Krystylle L. Richardson, BSIE, SSGB, RAB-LPA, aka Sergeant K

Krystylle has been described as an Expert, Driven, Brilliant, Gifted, an Amazing Business Coach, an Innovative Thinker, Genuine and a True Leader! Krystylle is a sought-after international business-transformation consultant, inspirational speaker, mentor, life-coach, a published author, recording artist, engineer, choreographer, and missionary. She grew up in Flint, Michigan. Her parents sent her to kindergarten with a little briefcase and told her that she could be anything she wanted to be. Overcoming being bullied and beat up for being smart and unique, she used her parents’ words to give her strength to press upward. Now a successful international consultant, President and Leadership Transformational Coach of G3QARA, BuildThatBiz, The Echelon Leadership Institute for youth and the GIVE HOPE Nonprofit, FullColorMovement International, she has transformed numerous client initiatives to profitability. Her dynamic Outreach has engaged thousanads worldwide. She explains her life strategies in her book “The Lead Serve Win Addiction: Monetize Your Unique Win NOW.” She empowers executives, inventors, entrepreneurs and has been celebrated and supported at the Spirit Summit, Women of Influence, Girlfriends Connected, FCMI Outreach United, ICON Expert, Word Genius Events, The Arizona Informant, My Local Arizona of USA Today, International News and has received various awards including Humanitarian of the Year. Her motto is don’t WASTE TIME being ORDINARY. Live the NOVATURIENT Life.

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