Life after Death

January 7, 2019
Hosted by Synthia Andrews, ND with occasional Co-Host Colin Andrews

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Episode Description

What happens after we die is one of the most profound questions we face. For some, death represents the end of consciousness; for many, however, death represents a shift into another aspect of consciousness. In our final, live VoiceAmerica program, we will explore compelling evidence, personal experiences, and experiments that explore life after death and the possibility of reincarnation. The evidence may astound you. What is indisputably true, is that our approach to death determines our approach to life.

Exploring Beyond the Edge

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Reality is unfolding in a manner beyond anything previously conceived. Consciously participate in the unique challenges of today with awakened energy senses. Be curious, unlock your perceptions, open your heart.

In this program, we identify, develop, and activate energy senses to awaken awareness and live with greater freedom. Join wide ranging, relaxed conversations on topics such as energy healing,alternative medicine, animal communication, leadership, near death experiences, karmic relationships, Indigenous wisdom, intuition, UFO encounters, New Science, changing consciousness, crop circles, and personal spirituality.

You have everything you need to engage energy reality. Your body is a fully equipped vehicle to interact in this terrain Remember your essence and bring all of who you are to the table. Be totally, completely, and beautifully you.

Synthia Andrews, ND with occasional Co-Host Colin Andrews

Synthia Andrews is a licensed, naturopathic doctor and longtime explorer of life-force energy. She believes that learning how to consciously interact in the realm of subtle energy is the next step in personal and planetary transformation. Facilitating this journey is her joy. During her 35 years of teaching, Synthia has been privileged to help thousands awaken their energy senses.

Synthia has authored four books on energy, spirituality, healing, and consciousness, and co-authored an additional four. She taught at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy for fifteen years and in the Bodywork Program at the Kripalu Yoga Institute. She lectures and teaches internationally. You can see her courses, workshops, and online mentoring at Join her private, free Facebook group and subscribe to her online chat room.

For the past 25 years, Synthia has joined her husband, research author Colin Andrews, in the study of consciousness and paranormal activity. Colin occasionally joins the program as co-host. Colin is internationally respected for his original research into crop circles, a term he coined in the 1980s, UFO, and consciousness. He is featured in countless TV documentaries, news interviews, and more. Find him on Facebook.

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