Who Do You Think You Are? Past Lives, Purpose, and Divine Gifts

May 6, 2019
Hosted by Rachel Corpus

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Episode Description

Host Rachel Corpus and her Angels will guide you through past lives: why we have them, how that information is stored in our souls, how to access past life information on our own, and how our past life experiences help us discover our Divine purpose. We'll also talk with the Angels about our Divine gifts...the gifts each soul was given at the time of his or her creation. Tune in to learn more about you and your eternal, complete, Divine soul! Remember, You Are Divine!

You Are Divine!

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Did you know you are Divine? It’s true! You are a Divine Spirit living in a body, ready to tap into the abundance, joy, and potential that is meant for you! Being human can be hard. Trauma, loss and doubt from this life or past lives can leave us feeling stuck, unfocused, unhappy and ungrounded. Sometimes we need to hear from our holy helpers, including our Angels, Guides, and people who have crossed over. Rachel channels your very own holy beings who help you recognize patterns, move forward in your life, heal trauma, create abundance, and remind you who you are: a Divine being! The guidance Rachel gives is fully channeled. All topics are welcome. Expect to laugh, cry and have your mind blown when the Rachel and Spirit get to work!

Rachel Corpus

Rachel Corpus grew up in small town Iowa with lots of music, animals, love and Spirit. Rachel became aware early on that she was different. People around her didn’t see Angels, spirit, auras and past lives. In order to fit in, Rachel let her gifts hibernate until she was ready to live into them with fullness and bravery. Like many of you, Rachel has lived through losses, divorce, poverty, bad bosses and mental health issues. It seemed she was a puppet and the universe was holding the strings. And then, little by little, Rachel began remembering who she was: a Divine Being, connected to everyone else in the universe through love. She stopped crouching in the place of victim and began to stand tall as Creator. Rachel’s gifts came out of hibernation. Now she receives messages from beings of light so she can help others. Rachel’s holy help call themselves the Collective. They are Angels, Guides, animals, human souls and Ascended Masters. Rachel especially loves introducing people to their Angels and sharing their specific Divine Gifts, the gifts they are given when their souls were are created. All information Rachel shares is channeled. She only shares her own opinion when Spirit asks her to do so. Rachel is honest, funny, and will honor the Divine in you. Rachel lives in West Des Moines, Iowa with her husband, children, and fur babies. She offers in-person and phone readings six days a week, as well as group and audience readings.

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