Love and Betrayal

November 28, 2019
Hosted by Dr. Madeleine De Little

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On this show John will talk about when we hear the word “betrayal” we usually think about sexual infidelity but there are other kinds of betrayal and there are two kinds of agreements that are often broken, which can be experienced as a betrayal. John will talk about how we heal from a betrayal or abandonment and the stages people tend to go through. He speaks to how betrayal can be a transformative experience and what that look like? John will help the listener understand how to build trust after a betrayal and how commitment fits into the picture and how can we create a secure connection with another person so that we minimize betrayal and abandonment?

Where Words Can’t Reach: Shedding Light on our Dark Side

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Do you find yourself, thinking you are not good enough or that you are not loveable? Often there are few words to express such experiences. This is probably based in the way we made meaning of our early relationships and is shame based. Burdened by shame, parts of us stay hidden for fear of being cast out by family and friends. This show assists you to understand the impact that shame has on the relationship with ourselves and others. Neuroscience also informs us that our buried unconscious memories hold vast amounts of information that the body knows, but the conscious mind does not. This program opens up a conversation about the world of shame, how it has been needed in our past and the cost that comes with holding on to it. We delve into the world of darkness by listening to professionals who help people transform their shame. In addition, we invite listeners like you to speak of their journey of shedding light on their dark side.

Dr. Madeleine De Little

Dr. De Little has extensive experience working with children and adults who are unable to use words to describe their unspeakable experiences. She assists people, through the world of metaphor to free themselves of their dark and hidden emotions.

Dr. De Little has been a student for ten years of Transformational Systemic Therapy in Canada and she is currently the Research Chair of the Satir Institute of the Pacific. Her studies of the latest developments in neuroscience and transformational change have led her to develop a unique model of sand tray therapy and write a book, "Where Words Can’t Reach. Neuroscience and the Satir Model in the Sand Tray" 2nd Edition. Her book has been translated into Mandarin and Czech.

Dr. De Little has been a therapist for 30 years and currently works in private practice. Her particular interest is in working with all ages to facilitate the transformation of the impact of trauma and the shame that accompanies it, using metaphors in the form of miniatures in the sand tray.

Dr. De Little is an international trainer in her model of transformation using the sand tray. She is currently training medical doctors, pediatricians, psychiatrists and therapists around the world to use her model. In particular she is training professionals to learn and teach her model throughout China. She is also a Master Therapeutic Counsellor and a Registered Clinical Supervisor.

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