How to Find Your Place in a Society You don't Understand

January 6, 2020
Hosted by Fabien W. Edjou

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When you find yourself in silence, alone and away from all distractions, do you ever wonder whether life on earth makes sense? When you look around and observe, do you ever notice that people spend most of their time accumulating things that the will not take six feet under with them? Do you ever wonder why despite your best efforts towards committing a substantial amount of time in helping others, you still feel under appreciated and useless at times? Does all of this make you wonder whether it is just you not understanding our society or you not knowing your own place? Finding your place in a society that you don’t understand may not be as difficult as it sounds. Many have given up completely and you are not one of them. Consider yourself lucky if you ever take a break to reflect about life and your own purpose. When nothing works, it is a clear sign to review and modify your own assumptions about the purpose of life.

Revelations and Wonders: Secrets to Life and Happiness

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For those seeking purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in life, may this serve as a hand that points you to the source. The Truth exists in its purest form and only those who invest time looking will find it. For those who must pretend just to belong, who simply don’t fit in, or feel worthless and rejected. For those who are tired of hiding behind social masks, for those who are experiencing hollowness in life, the inner voice is incessantly warning to change, calling to immediately embark on a new and refreshing path. Rich or poor, the sun shines its light on all, and all received a talent, a beautiful gift from God, without exception. Embark on the journey of self-identity and the quest for fulfillment in this life. Happiness flows from inside out. As Pilgrim, continue your journey on this earth with confidence. Let the new and real you shine, glow, and wonder in this beautiful creation of God. Delight in what it has to offer. You too have the right to freedom and happiness. Welcome!

Fabien W. Edjou

Born in Cameroon-Africa, Fabien started living by himself at the early age of 13 away from any relative. Raised by a single mother, he moved to the US in 2000. In 2001, he joined the US Army to learn English, make friends, and immerse himself in the culture. He’s a highly decorated Commissioned Officer, deployed three times in support of OEF/OIF, and was medically retired in 2015. Post retirement, he rediscovered his childhood passion, entrepreneurship. He founded, and co-founded several startups, notably,, and, and hosts meetups to empower others in his community. In 2019, he went through a rough divorce, lost everything including his two beautiful daughters, the VA-Funded home, and was left broke. His business partners distanced themselves from him. Heavily indebted he became homeless. Left only with his vehicle, $50, and lots of bills to pay, he started driving for Uber/Lyft. Through meaningful exchanges with riders, he quickly realized how disconnected he was with the average person's reality. He realized that many people are unhappy, struggling, existing but not living. After sharing meaningful conversations with more than 10,000 riders, he found his voice with a message of hope and freedom, empowering others to seek happiness, regardless of their social status. Determined to help, he started writing and publishing articles on LinkedIn. Through REVELATIONS and WONDERS, he shares secrets to life and happiness with millions.

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