Encore, American Warrior Holocaust . . . What Are They Hiding?

June 12, 2024
Hosted by Frank Helring

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On September 9th, 2022, this show covered for the first time in its history a Live Event in Pensacola, Florida sponsored by Whistle Blowers of America.org During that show a now breaking story emerged that has compelled us to revisit what surfaced through one of the guests we interviewed. Bruce Sackman who authored the book "Behind The Murder Curtain” whose subject matter is the intentional murdering of “America’s Finest”. Men and Women who picked up a weapon and defended the Constitution and the American People in foreign lands at a juncture in their lives when they are the most vulnerable and in great need . . . Professional Physicians, Nurses and others are violating a sacred trust and assurances that their best interests are truly being served? On the contrary, they are taking the lives so precious to themselves, their loved ones and this nation and destroying them lying in the very beds that they so valiantly fought and many became permanently maimed in the service of their country and the flag under which they did battle. Questions now arise I am sure in your minds . . . When did this happen? They will be answered. How could this possibly happen in America? These will be addressed and answered as well. Why was I not aware of this? You will be fully informed during this show. What is being done about this? This is the very reason we are seeking to raise public awareness of this travesty and stain upon American Honor. You the citizens of this country have been violated because it is your tax dollars who paid the salaries of these felons who are now behind bars to pay for their hideous crimes. Bruce Sackman is now retired and no longer in the service of this nation. His book that was published in 2020 has sold approximately 3000 copies to date. As of the airing of this show not one Major Media Agency has taken the time to personally interview him and cause a wave of journalistic inquiry to investigate and resolve one of the most infamous schemes every contemplated and in this show’s opinion . . . Everyone is involved!

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Frank Helring

Frank Helring is the CEO and Founder of TheHubmartLLC. He is an established executive with over 45 years of service encompassing Christian ministries, private/corporate insurance, public/philanthropic enterprises and private equities sectors.

His past tenures include owning his own General Insurance Agency from October 1977 to 1991, serving as an Executive Director with World Vision of Orange County from 1994 to 1998 inclusive as a President and CEO of a community-based organization.He has served as President of JMS Consulting Group 2004-2006, a private equities firm in Los Angeles during which time he personally consulted to the VP of Benefits of the legendary NFIB.com on “Boutique” Membership programs and Association negotiating levels of involvement. He and his wife have owned Allure Med Aesthetics, Inc. a medical aesthetics practice, since 2013. Most recently, he is currently involved with revolutionary firms engaged in accelerating the emerging “opportunity commercial marketplace” and cutting edge medical regeneration technologies.

Frank resides in Mission Viejo, with his wife Rhoda. His combination of grassroots community involvement, strategic relationships formation and continued success as a visionary corporate entrepreneur distinguish him as an invaluable asset to the small business community at large.

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