Counterfeit Cues; How Synthetic Fragrances Silently Sabotage You

December 9, 2022
Hosted by Wendi Michelle

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Episode Description

There is a saying, “What you don’t know won’t hurt you,” but after this recent product development and lengthy research into Synthetic Fragrances, I would beg to differ. These seemingly innocent chemicals are in the bulk of consumer products and they are wrecking havoc in some exceptionally significant ways right under our nose! If you have concerns with allergies, sensitivities, migraines, weight gain (seemingly for no reason) hormone imbalance, depression, anxiety, low testosterone and fatigue. DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE! I do believe there is a solid amount of info on the dangers of synthetic fragrances out there but there is a lot more than what has been talked about. Some of what I discovered about this ingredient is just recently begun to be studied and quite a lot seems to be still slipping through the cracks. What we don't know IS hurting us. Here are links to the brands I mention in the show: Thistle Farms Candles - Alabaster Fragrance - (Discount Code WHF10 for 10% off) One Seed Perfume - Dr Bronners - Also, our sponsor for this podcast is Guardian Angel Desserts! Now delivering Keto Collagen Frozen Dessert (Ice Cream) to your door step! I love this company AND this ice cream is WOW!

Whole, Healthy and Free: Defying the Limitations for Personal Breakthrough

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Wendi Michelle

From Wendi’s diverse and extensive experience in fitness, medicine, physics, holistic nutrition, cultural health, genetics, ethnobotany, nutrigenomics and biochemistry comes a synergistic wellness approach unlike any other in the industry. Being in both clinical medical settings and behind the scenes in the food industry, her message for holistic health packs significantly more power than simple theory. Her ability to seamlessly merge physical, mental and emotional health utilizing both ancient traditions with future health systems o?ers achievable transformation. Wendi specializes in crafting individualized health solutions that build strong bodies, optimize career performance and limit the potential for physical, mental and emotional health obstacles.

Wendi's knowledge and passion for health grew exponentially when she was faced with a life-threatening disease for which the best prognosis was lifetime disability. Wendi insisted the human body was capable of complete healing and she proved it. Now, armed with both personal experience and tens of thousands of hours of research, Wendi has the ability to spot industrial gaps and create innovative solutions.

In addition to one-on-one coaching and speaking, Wendi is a published author, entrepreneur and Certified Precision Nutritionist. She has served as Director of Advanced Wellness Programs for health centers and is a product innovator for several of her own food, beverage and supplement brands.

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