EP 41:The Powerful Habit of ONE w. Inventor Dennis Blakey

October 28, 2022
Hosted by Lady Fuller

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D.M. Blakey is a writer, teacher, artist and inventor. He created visual effects and animation for film and television at Walt Disney Animation Studios and other production studios for thirty years. He received a prime-time television Emmy for the pilot episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. His work can be seen in movies such as Iron Man III, Tron: Legacy, 2012, Into The Storm, Disney's Dinosaur and Home On The Range, Dante's Peak, Apollo 13 and The Fifth Element. He was also chair of online animation and visual effects graduate students and an instructor for eight years at an art university. He animated the Galileo Spacecraft for NASA/JPL on a room sized mini-supercomputer, and created a scientific software center for the Naval Research Laboratory. He was a full-time inventor creating machine and software inventions from advanced lossless and lossy compression algorithms, animation registration, binaural underwater whale audio recording hydrophone hardware and a couple other advanced projects. He graduated from California Institute of the Arts with a degree in experimental film graphics while learning to solder since the age of seven and growing up a kid of science who liked early tube-type lasers, radio, telephones, and xray machines. In addition to his interests in art and science, he has a teaching certificate in the Chinese internal arts of Xing Yi and standing meditation. He has twenty years of experience exploring clear channelings in the L.A. metaphysics community while learning with help from channels to receive three messages for his first book. These messages are about appreciating what is unique in each person and ending racial, gender, class and other ways we separate ourselves from an understanding of being of one thought to evolve all together in our future toward pure consciousness. Dennis enjoys sifting through metaphysical ideas with a skeptical scientific mind who loves to build and solder, but is also open to persistent loving ideas from beyond that he can personally verify. He loves animals and Nature. He has ridden dressage with soulful horses and rode a motorcycle. He learned both will go where one looks but horses have the sense to correct the rider. He's worked on diesel locomotives for a railway museum restoration and is a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association as well as Association of Computing Machinery Computer Graphics Pioneers.

Habits for Happiness

Friday at 8 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel

I strongly believe that the path to Happiness is paved with Healthy Habits, and that we are always “In Choice” and have agency over our wellbeing and happiness. This idea is contrary to what most of us are taught. Most of us grow up believeing that the shiny object is out there in the external world and thus, we spend our whole lives reaching for it. The irony is that all along what we are searching for is right there inside of us. In short, we are homesick for ourselves.

How do we access that place inside? Through Habit Change. I want to offer you free, easy, and simple steps to take control of your life, mood and well-being during this immense time of transition. Habits for Happiness is broadcast live every Friday at 8 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel.

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Lady Fuller

“As a trained master Life and Habit Coach, I am one of the only people in my field who touts daily habits as the best path to happiness. I often resonate with people who are logical thinkers, and even skeptical about the idea of happiness. My intention is to let listeners know that our ability to find happiness is inside of us and only we have agency to expand it.”

Lady Fuller is the head of Happiness MBA and lives in Woody Creek, Colorado. When she is not rock climbing, reading or writing, she is working on one of her small businesses. Lady is an experienced CEO with a demonstrated history of working in the retail and events services industry. She is skilled in coaching, personal development, incentive travel, coaching, retail, and sales management. She also speaks and works as a Suicide Prevention Advocate. Lady is also passionate about the environment and getting people out of their heads and into their hearts. Lady’s other qualifications include holding a Yoga Alliance 200-hour yoga teacher certification, Yoga Alliance 300-hour Yoga Psychology training, a Health and Life Coach certification from Health Coach Institute, International Coaching Foundation Certified, Dynamic Public Speaking Specialization from UW, and MBA from the USF.

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