Welcome to Nobody's Perfect with Jason Hopcus & Amy Staley, LCSW

February 27, 2024
Hosted by Jason Hopcus

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Welcome to Episode 1 of "Nobody's Perfect", the podcast that's here to support, inspire, and empower youth and families. Brought to you by the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) Arapahoe/Douglas Counties, and we're breaking down stigma and offering solutions to the mental health and well-being challenges we all face. In this inaugural episode, hosts, Jason Hopcus and Amy Staley, LCSW dive into the heart and soul of "Nobody's Perfect." They share why this podcast exists and what you can expect in the upcoming episodes. At "Nobody's Perfect," we don't chase appearances, expectations, or perfection. Our focus is on creating a safe space for authentic, inspirational conversations. Our mission? Harness the power of shared storytelling to provide you with resources rooted in compassion, emotional resilience, and hope. In each episode, you'll hear from fearless experts, community advocates, leaders, parents, and supporters of youth who've chosen to speak up. They remind us that, despite life's challenges, everyone deserves to be seen, heard, and valued. Our discussions aim to bridge the gap between youth and their families, helping them talk about the mental health challenges that often go unspoken. Throughout the series, we'll explore a wide range of topics, from depression, anxiety, and substance abuse to eating disorders, bullying, gender identity, and school violence. Our guest experts will introduce innovative approaches to navigate these everyday challenges and provide you with valuable support resources. Join us every other week as we come together to embrace the shared human experience. Through respect, empathy, and meaningful action, we're making a bigger impact. Remember, "Nobody's Perfect" because perfection isn't real. Your story is.

Get Unstuck. Move Forward with Your Life/Nobody's Perfect

Tuesdays at 9 AM PST on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel

Being a human today is more exhausting than it’s ever been because perfection remains the standard for success. Shifting that narrative and the course of your life means knowing you’re not alone, your struggles don’t define you, and the first step to a better life doesn’t have to be scary. The Get Unstuck. Move Forward With Your Life radio show and the Nobody’s Perfect community leverage the change people need to harness the essence of human connection. Motivator and changemaker Jason Hopcus believes the connection to one’s self begins with the belief that we are all interconnected - and our stories, insights, and journeys deserve to be seen, valued, and heard. Jason focuses on relationship cultivation, authenticity, and creating a space for honest discussions that contribute to a bigger goal founded on ‘next level’ social responsibility. His laser-focused approach to each conversation serves as a pivotal reminder of what can happen when we prioritize ourselves and actively seek a more hopeful, purposeful life.

Jason Hopcus

Jason Hopcus’s personal mission is to advance human connection by embracing the conversation among fighters; the folks whose journeys from black to light give hope to those that deserve a 2nd or even a 3rd chance to be the ambassadors of conversation. Jason - acts as a motivator and catalyst for powerful cultural change within both for-profit and non-profit organizations. - believes connection to one’s self, one’s transparency, and one’s passion allows individuals to live a wholly authentic, full life - creates systems of support for people working to deepen their relationships to their work, their play, and ultimately our world His company, Connection Project takes a fresh approach by focusing on those who have turned their personal struggle around to champion for a community-driven cause. Through raw focus on the individual, Jason nourishes honest conversation to birth a system of ‘next level’ social responsibility. Drawing on personal experience, he fully acknowledges the amount of effort it takes, how necessary it is to share each other’s journeys and why, we as a society, need to move the needle towards unashamed conversation. Jason ignites cultural shift because everyone, directly or indirectly, is affected by mental health.

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