COVID Kids – Resilient Parents Raising Resilient Kids with EBT

July 8, 2020
Hosted by Dr. Laurel Mellin

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Stress impacts parental stress and child stress. The emotional brains of children are highly plastic and during stressful times, they can learn resiliency tools to last a lifetime. The simple tools of EBT were initially developed for children and adolescent to help them bounce back from stresses like missing social contact, cyber bulling and preventing overeating, tech excesses and anxiety. Parents need optimal EBT tools to stay emotionally connected to children and find that "sweet spot" of nurturing and limits. Arinn Testa, PsyD, a clinical psychologist and leader in EBT (Director of Research) with three school-age children of her own shares how to use tool to improve family stress resilience – and make it into games. Dr. Testa offers concierge coaching, weekly groups and 30-day intensives at EBT.ORG.

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Unlock the power of your emotional brain! It's our emotions that drive our stress, joy, passions, creativity, health, and sense of purpose. Technology, scarcity, and diseases have ramped up our stress and caused us to suppress our emotions. Dr. Laurel says, "Stop suppressing and start expressing!" With her easy-to-learn, safe, structured method, emotional brain training (EBT), she shows us how to ask one simple question, "What's my number?" and within minutes feel transformed, with a new sense of joy and freedom. The method is scientific, proven, and rapidly changing healthcare. Amaze yourself by using these tools, then share them with everyone you know as stress overload is the #1 epidemic worldwide. We all need to reboot our brains to become resiliency superstars.

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Dr. Laurel Mellin

Dr. Laurel Mellin

Dr. Laurel Mellin is a Health Psychologist, Associate Professor Emeritus in the School of Medicine, University of California San Francisco. She is a New York Times best-selling author who discovered and developed emotional brain training, EBT, the neuroscience-based method that empowers people to rewire their own emotional brain, the controller of health, happiness, and purpose.

Dr. Mellin’s work has ignited a brain-based health movement to eradicate stress overload by training individuals how to express emotions, thereby rapidly releasing stress and training health professionals and educators to be "EBT certified" and able to integrate EBT into their clinical practices and preventive programs. Her latest books are “What’s my number?” (an introduction to the method), The Stress Eating Solution (rewiring overeating, overweight, diabetes prevention), and The Stress Overload Solution (rewiring anxiety, depression, relationships, productivity, and addictions).

Dr. Mellin is the founder of EBT, Inc., which offers a technology platform with memberships that include a mobile app, e-learning for online support, telephone-based small group programs and private coaching. Dr. Mellin teaches EBT to medical students at UCSF and has collaborated with researchers at UCSF, Weill-Cornell College of Medicine, the University of Kentucky and the University of Illinois. She is a visionary in helping people create joy in their lives.

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