Encore: When your routine fits like a baggy jumper

July 21, 2021
Hosted by Síle Uí Chiaráin

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In this episode Stephen Moore, a young journalist from Stirling in Scotland, talks about life as a direction, rather than a destination. Stephen is a firm believer in process flow and is reinventing his life, at a speed of trust. Not every day will be a creative day, not every day will go according to plan. Those are the exact days for which the plan needs to be in place. Stephen shares his tips and techniques for optimum productivity as a writer, as well as highlighting the value of human skills learned in the school of life, to compliment college course-content, as preparation for a wholesome, healthy, gainful living. This is a fun-filled chat about how straddling the morning and the afternoon of one’s life, can be quite tentative at times. The delineation of these chapters in one’s life is becoming more and more subjective, fluid and personal to individual circumstance than age specific in this era of disruption, digital and otherwise, than it used be in an older paradigm. As editor and chief of The Post Graduate Student Guide, as well as expert by experience, Stephen shares with wisdom and insight about the dearth of soft, not to mention professional skills that need to be addressed by young adults in preparation for employability on exit from college. As long as you keep improving on your own personal best, being true to the blueprint of your authentic self and celebrating the small wins, Stephen’s story is a fine example of how enjoyable the journey can BE! What if I fail? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?

Whole and One

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At the intersection of epi-genetics, neuro plasticity and psycho-neuro immunology is our ever increasing awareness of neuro-chemistry and the mind-body connect. You are what you think about. Where attention goes, energy flows. In other words, as your body keeps score, the servant can become the master. Your thoughts can knock you out of homeostasis and make you sick. Conversely when you learn how to get your emotional needs met, healthily and in balance, you cannot be mentally, emotionally and/or by extension, physically unwell. Through this empowering series of light-bearing interviews with captivating guests, Síle Ui Chiaráin from Ireland will help you to gain objective perspective on your own story. Stay tuned to learn how to manage your self-talk, quiet your inner critic, as well as build a healthy relationship with anxiety. It’s like doing a bicep curl for your brain.

Síle Uí Chiaráin

Having recently retired from her post as a primary school teacher in Ireland, in a career that spanned thirty years, Síle continues to educate, inspire and mentor in her new incarnation as a life and business coach, psychotherapist and growth strategist. Síle works with formulas to help clients achieve mind-derived health optimisation. Teaching individuals and business communities about Causing an Effect as opposed to Cause and Effect, Síle is taking blueprints for best practice, from philosophy, to initiation to mastery, one recovery programme at a time. Culture is key, when it comes to growth and expansion. Síle’s WHOLE and ONE master plan frames the 3As of adaptability, authenticity and autonomy as non-negotiable in the architecture of adaptable change-mentality, at individual and organisational levels, for optimum results.

Thoughts are the locomotive to living intentionally, as opposed to living out of habit. You choose your thoughts. Síle expounds the value of meta-cognition as a launch pad for achieving desired outcomes. When you learn how to think about what you’ve been thinking about, you are no longer the programme, you are the observer of the programme, and from here you can change practices to change outcomes. Knowledge, particularly psycho-education as well as practices such as mindfulness, gratitude and self-care are the tools of the trade if you wish to live deliberately and optimise results.

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