Equipment and Technology

March 7, 2024
Hosted by Christina Barea and Peyton Young

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Episode Description

Embarking on your fitness journey is an exhilarating adventure, and selecting the right equipment is a pivotal step towards success. This episode dives into the world of workout tech gear (wearables) and fitness equipment to help you find what resonates with you. Our episode covers tracking devices, health tech and wearables, such as smartwatches, scales, and heart rate monitors. By incorporating these tools into your routine, you not only monitor your physical activity but also infuse your fitness journey with a motivating sense of purpose. We continue to explore fitness equipment to help build muscle and bone health. Body weight exercises leverage the geometry of your own physique to build strength and endurance. We also explore using bands and ropes and free weights for resistance training, adding dynamic challenges to your routine. For those seeking an extra challenge, we discuss compound fitness exercises such as rucksacks or weight vests as well as joint weights to enhance specific movements and intensify your training sessions. If high-tech options appeal to you, explore home internet-linked machines like Peloton and others, bringing guided workouts and virtual communities to your fingertips. Finding your favorite equipment is a journey of self-discovery, so embrace the variety and versatility each option offers. Whether it's the simplicity of body weight exercises or the high-tech allure of connected machines, each piece of equipment becomes a tool in sculpting the best version of yourself. Explore the possibilities and set the stage for a fitness journey that's both effective and enjoyable.

5 Phases Health

Thursday at 3PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness

5 Phases Health is designed for people seeking optimal well-being. We simplify health, wellness, and nutrition information, eliminating the guesswork helping you to achieve radiant health. We merge ancient wisdom with modern science, aligning the body, energy, and mental states to reach the root of the problem and to prevent common diseases. Each week we explore topics around food, exercises, breathing, and mental inspiration. We believe that small changes on a daily basis lead to long-term sustainable good health. Join us as we journey through medicine systems from around the world including Traditional Chinese Medicine, allopathic, herbal and various mind/body systems.

Christina Barea and Peyton Young

Since 2003 I have been professionally dedicated to the development of the human potential in it’s physical, emotional and spiritual evolution. I am dedicated to learning the relationship between foods, emotions, thoughts and habits, and how they manifest in our physical wellbeing. My belief is if we are empowered with information, and helpful tools, then we can take daily steps towards living our best life.

Peyton is an avid student of Eastern and Western medicine, philosophy, martial arts and spiritual practices. His interest in these arts is studying the multi-faceted expression of Life (energy) that is the underlying thread weaving each moment together. He is deeply interested in total wellness and committed to assisting people discover practical and effective methods of unifying body, mind & spirit. He is dedicated to helping people find the small pearls of wisdom that move them forward in their energetic/spiritual growth. Peyton's Credentials include: - Exercise Science degree - Medical Qigong Therapist - Advanced Qigong Instructor - Advanced Meditation Instructor - Certified Yoga Instructor - Taichi for Health Instructor - Ordained Buddhist Priest - Master Hypnotherapist - Personal Trainer

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