Therapeutic Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Interview with Eva Burgstaller, CMT, MLDT

January 9, 2014
Hosted by Jayne Dabu, L.Ac.

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Join Lotus Radio-Nourishing Life as we interview Eva Burgstaller, CMT, MLDT about the health and therapeutic benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage. What is it? How can it help you? If you are suffering from swelling, lymphedema, pre-menstrual syndrome, sinus problems, asthma, eczema, arthritis, migraines, headaches, fatigue, muscle tension and many other conditions, you will not want to miss this episode. Consider this therapeutic modality as an option to assist you in your quest for optimal health.

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Welcome to Lotus Radio. Our vision is to transform the current paradigm of health in the United States by educating and empowering individuals through topics relating to Holistic and Alternative Medicine. Our expert guests, including researchers, physicians and advocates, will share their knowledge and experience regarding Holistic Health Care. Topics will cover various conditions, diseases, syndromes, mental, emotional and spiritual health, self-care, anti-aging, Chinese Medicine, Herbal Therapy, diet, food, nutrition and various natural health modalities.

Our mission at Lotus Radio is to empower and supply you with the knowledge you need to have a balanced and holistic perspective when it comes to making informed choices and taking personal responsibility in your quest for optimal health.

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Jayne Dabu, L.Ac.

Jayne Dabu, L.Ac.

Jayne Dabu founded Lotus Acupuncture Clinic in Virginia Beach, Virginia in November of 2011 with a desire to provide the best comprehensive and quality health care available in Hampton Roads.

Jayne graduated from East West College of Natural Medicine and is a Nationally Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist, with a Diplomate in Acupuncture by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). She is certified in Advanced Clinical Nutrition Response Testing, Auricular Medicine, External Taoist Qi Gong Healing, Acupoint Injection Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Homeopathy.

Jayne turned to Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine and Nutrition to heal herself after she was diagnosed with cancer. She integrated Eastern and Western Medicine with nutrition, meditation, spirituality, counseling and lifestyle changes to beat cancer, which she successfully did!

Jayne combines Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Therapy with Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition, Lifestyle Counseling, Exercise, Spiritual Healing and Meditation in addition to drawing from her past personal health experience.

Jayne Dabu is passionate about her patients’ health, which shows in her commitment, compassion, discipline and love. This loyal commitment to educating her patients empowers and enables them to transform their health, thus allowing them to make healthy choices in their lives and make a difference in the lives of the people THEY touch.

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December 2013

Eva Burgstaller

Eva was born and raised in Austria. Her first 22 years of health care was based on a “common sense approach” that included wholesome food, exercise, rest, sauna, massages and herbal treatments. After she immigrated to the US, raised 2 boys and worked in business, Eva attended Fuller Massage School in Virginia Beach. She is a Board Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist in Virginia. Eva expanded her massage base to include Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Decompression Therapy and Matrix Energetics. Eva has had intensive training at the Upledger Institute and the Vodder Institute. She is a Certified Fitter for Compression Garments representing Juzo, BiaCare, JoViPak and has been instructed in the correct use of Lymph Pumps. Eva also has been educated in Ayurvedic Massage, Massage Cupping, Color Therapy, Matrix Energetics and AI-Chi Water Exercises. Eva teaches several workshops throughout the year. She is happy to be in practice, treating her clients with compassion, respect and love. View Guest page

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Dr. Louis Fernandez

Dr. Louis Fernandez is originally from the NYC area. After obtaining his BS in Biology in a pre-chiropractic program at Bloomfield College, he completed his doctorate at New York Chiropractic College in 2000. Dr. Lou was first introduced to the power of chiropractic care when his mother sustained a serious injury. She suffered for a long time under traditional medical care until discovering chiropractic. As he watched her quickly regain her health, he knew he wanted to be a part of such a wonderful profession. Through chiropractic care, Dr. Lou has personally experienced dramatic health changes and loves to share this passion with others so they might experience the same life changing benefits. Dr. Lou has extensive training in advanced soft tissue work and loves the challenge of hard to treat problems such as rotator cuff injuries, knee problems, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow & plantar fasciitis just to name a few. View Guest page

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Dr. Tiffany (Jeffries) Fernandez

Dr. Tiffany (Jeffries) Fernandez is a Virginia Beach native and Norfolk Collegiate graduate, 1992. She obtained her BS in Psychology from Mary Washington College, and later went on to complete her doctorate at New York Chiropractic College in 2002. Dr. Tiffany loves to see the power of chiropractic care at work in all her patients and has a special place in her heart for expecting mothers. She is certified in Webster technique. This chiropractic technique helps to correct sacral misalignment, balance pelvic muscles and ligaments which in turn remove torsion to the woman's uterus, its resulting constraint to the baby, and allows the baby to get into the best possible position for birth. During her second pregnancy, she experienced firsthand the difference Webster technique can make in comfort and baby positioning throughout pregnancy, allowing her a successful VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) birth. View Guest page

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Faye Rosie

Faye Rosie was born in South Australia and currently resides in tropical Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Faye is a Shaman, Medical Intuitive, Naturopath and Transformational Author, and has been in private practice, both for local and distant healing since 1977. She is the author and creator of the shamanic Heart Healing Symbol Cards. The powerful life transforming multidimensional energies within the cards are embedded in her books: "The Power of Your Spirit" and "Abundance: Fulfilling Your Desires with Effortless Ease." In addition to her private practice she runs workshops and courses on the shamanic transformation Heart Healing Symbol Cards. Faye's desire is for people to come to the fullness of their potential and realize their life purpose. View Guest page

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Marcella Zappia

Radio Host of Cella’s Chat Just as a caterpillar sheds its skin and becomes a butterfly, Cella's life fell apart and she too was reborn. From the outside, life appeared perfect. As is the reality for many women, Cella thought it was her personal obligation to take care of everyone’s needs but her own. That is exactly what she did up until May 13, 2008. She was married to a military man for twenty years who was often absent during that time due to his job. This left her to raise two boys, work full time in the legal field, all while thinking it was perfectly normal to run herself into the ground. Cella’s own battle began as the perfect storm of circumstances came together to initiate her downward spiral into illness and depression. Feeling hopeless that she would never salvage the person she was before, Cella felt her only solution out of the pain was to take her own life. As an attempt survivor, she learned that the greatest resource was the healer within. Now she works with people to help them rekindle their passion for life. Through speaking, writing, and the dance arts, as well as the creation of a woman's support group, Cella helps others to manifest and transform their lives to find their personal empowerment. View Guest page

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