Special Encore Presentation: When Good Negotiations Go Bad

July 31, 2014
Hosted by Tye Maner

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There is a famous slogan, “You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.” This show is a sequel by popular request to the “Tough Times Don’t Last, But Good Negotiators Do,” episode. You are negotiating everyday in some form or another. Based on surveys with participants in my negotiation workshops, more than 85% have never taken a negotiation course or read any books on the subject. Therefore, their margins, commissions, and profits have been eroded for years and even decades by skilled negotiators. Tune in to today’s show to learn how to handle situations in your professional and personal life that can cause a negotiation to be unproductive, unsuccessful, and unprofitable.

Forget Patience, Let’s Sell Something!

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Have you ever noticed that lions don't wait for their meals? On the other hand, vultures patiently wait to get the scraps of what is left after the lions have had their fill. Abraham Lincoln once said, “things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” Likewise, the most successful sales professionals don't sit and wait for the telephone to ring or the next client to walk through the door. They initiate the contact. Learn the tips, techniques and skills used by the most successful sales and business professionals who make things happen while others are watching things happen or wondering what happened. “Forget Patience, Let’s Sell Something!” will help you to gain more clients faster and at higher margins by being proactive. Our show is a must listen for sales professionals, business owners, executives and anyone responsible for driving sales or influencing buying decisions.

Tye Maner

Tye Maner is the President and founder of Tye Maner Group and is an internationally known keynote speaker, facilitator, and coach in the field of maximizing leadership, sales, and negotiation performance for both individuals and organizations. Tye is also the author of “Forget Patience, Let’s Sell Something: Essential Selling Skills for Winning More Clients Now!”

Tye’s workshops are very informative, energetic experiences. People who attend his presentations have described the experience as “inspiring”, “motivational”, and “absolutely amazing.” By incorporating personal experiences and humor with thought provoking exercises, attendees have found that they have sharpened their selling and leadership skills to enhance performance for both their companies and themselves.

Tye’s background in sales and management spans more than 29 years. He was regularly the top salesperson for the companies in which he was employed. Because of his can-do attitude, he was able to win some of the toughest clients for his organizations.

As the President of Tye Maner Group, a 17-year old corporation, Tye has a list of Fortune 500 clients, including 3M Company, McDonalds Corporation, State Farm Insurance, Travelocity, Verizon, Hewlett Packard, Office Max, Tech Data, National Association of Realtors, Colliers International, Merrill Lynch, United States Army, GE Capital, PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP, and other major corporations and non-profits.

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