Love Around the World with Clay Villanueva

November 5, 2014
Hosted by Lori Jae

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Clay Villanueva has lived around the world and traveled since a child. After the Navy and several marriages, he wanted to put his energy toward what he calls, "the bigger picture". Mr. Villanueva and Lori Jae will talk about the many interesting areas during his travels where he was able to observe other cultures “in love”. Join us to hear a lively discussion on how “Contract For Love” might be accepted around the world and does it have a place in his life. Mr. Villanueva and Lori Jae will bring adult oriented discussion on sexual lifestyles and the intriguing journey of what people may do to find sexual benefits. We invite you to be a voyeur in this interesting discussion that holds no boundaries. Off the cuff and open to anything that each has to say, this conversation may raise many interesting questions in why do we allow or even want regulations and archaic ceremony in one of the most beautiful areas of life, Loving Each Other.

Contract for Love

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On our show we will discuss why conventional marriage should be abandoned for long term relationships based on choice, changes in life structure and relevance to each partner. My belief is that marriage is a habit and pattern that is cultivated within society from archaic rituals and ceremonies brought forth from the middle ages. Marriage has been perpetuated as the way into a long term relationship, rife with obstacles and undue burdens to both involved. If you are not married, you fall into a non-status within our society. We have just begun to recognize those choosing not to marry to have the same rights to be with a chosen partner as married couples. Learn about what makes a relationship click in the first place and how to help it survive long term without adding the marriage ceremony. Contracts can be the best way to protect ourselves and children in a society living in broken marriages.

Lori Jae

My life has had two marriages, two divorces and I have two children and two grandchildren. I practice as a Tarot Psychic Reader, Past Life Reader and Teacher with classes in the Psychic Realm, Spiritual Sexuality, Energy, Vibration, Infinity and What Is Reality amongst other Metaphysical modalities. Previously, I was in a small airplane crash where two people perished, a boy who sat in front of me and his mother who was sitting behind me and I was in critical condition. She and I had changed seats causing me mental distress along with long term physical injuries. After a long recovery, I started back into teaching and working with people in Personal Psychic and Past Life Development Classes. I have awards for my volunteer work, including being an Advocate for Mental Health Issues in Wisconsin, and many awards in visual arts as a self-taught acrylic artist. Three museums along with the University of Wisconsin have my work in their personal collections. These many journeys led to many life changing developments which helped me reach a dream of becoming an internet radio host. Another dream accomplished is my book entitled, Don’t Get Married, Get a Five Year Contract, and is available on Amazon. I believe wholeheartedly in my concept of removing conventional marriage from society through my psychic practice and life experience. I do believe in long term relationships and love through creative means. My show brings guests to discuss the concepts and to take listeners questions.

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