Spirituality in Business ... admired or ridiculed?

October 19, 2015
Hosted by Ingrid Auer

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We all have watched seasoned business people on TV or we have encountered them in magazines and have seen them smile from the front covers. We might even have been there live, at big events, where they were presenting in front of huge audiences. But - did it ever occur to us that under all that polished exterior there is also a spiritual side to the person? He or she are, after all, spiritual beings in a physical vehicle, like the rest of us. If you care to look closer, they already exist, these spiritual business women (and men), who have confidence in their take on life, and don’t feel they have to apologize for it. Spirituality and business are not contradictions, as a matter of fact, they create the necessary underpinnings for togetherness so we can make earth a place where life is still worth living. www.ingridauer.us

Spiritual Help for Everyday Life

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Which role should we assign to spirituality in the 21st century? Is there still room for it? Or, don’t we need help anymore in this area? Can we master life and its problems all by ourselves? Maybe it’s even inappropriate to talk about spirituality in public, showing that one cares.

Spirituality is always confused with religion or being religious, but actually it has nothing to do with either, because it isn’t tied to any specific creed. Truly spiritual people recognize a greater consciousness, a “heavenly power”, so to speak, and they knowingly integrate this power in their daily lives because they are aware that we are all part of this consciousness.

Learn more about the spiritual world and acquire “new spiritual tools” which you can use on a daily basis, be it at home or at work. These tools will also prove helpful and lend efficiency with any clients you might have.

Ingrid Auer

Ingrid Auer is one of Europe’s leading mediums, channeling messages and energized symbols and essences from both the Angels and Ascended Masters. Since 1998 she has been writing 14 spiritual books, which she has received as a medium.

At the center of her work are energized symbols, and essences, which are not only used by private individuals, but also doctors, healing practitioners, energy practitioners and teachers, with great success.

The energized symbols and essences have also proved to work well in the areas of pregnancy, childbirth and childcare. Additionally, they are effective during care for the terminally-ill, and those who are grieving.

Ingrid founded, and manages, the company Lichtpunkt, and Ekonja publishing in Austria, and is currently promoting her work throughout the U.S.

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