Emptiness, a necessity on the Path of Transformation

April 6, 2016
Hosted by Brigitte Boyea and Saint Germain

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The lunar cycle always plays a significant role for humanity. It starts with the phase of the new moon and becomes most influential half way through at the time of the full moon. The lack of light offered by the new moon teaches us the necessity to completely empty ourselves from all previous attachments at the beginning of each new cycle in our lives. This emptiness then is being replaced by new experiences. Evolution and expansion to a new consciousness can take place.
In this episode St. Germain will talk about the importance of emptiness, awareness and choice. He will take you into a place of great potentiality as you experience the power of nothingness within the great void of “The Great Spirit of All That Is”. This is a place where tremendous transformation and awakening can get triggered.
Channeled music during this radio show created by Mike Snyder / www.mikesnydercc.com.
Inspired artwork created by Eva Sullivan / www.stardolphin.com.

The Power of Transformation - Pathway to Enlightenment

The Power of Transformation - Pathway to Enlightenment

Archives Available on VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Channel

In these times of great change and transformation, old structures and belief systems are being released. This will ultimately lead you to let go of everything that is no longer in alignment with your heart and true divine purpose. It can be exhausting and sometimes very frightening. We like to hang on to what we feel has given us a form of safety in the past. Only total surrender to the guidance of our Divine I Am Presence will allow us to walk the path of liberation safely and effortlessly. But you don't have to do this alone. There are many divine Masters and Angels of Love and Light who are here to help ease the intensity of these times of birthing a new paradigm on Earth.

Join Saint Germain and other Masters and Angels of the Light, channeled by Brigitte Boyea. Receive loving support to help you stay balanced and in a place of love and peace during this time of awakening and transformation to a higher consciousness.

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Brigitte Boyea and Saint Germain

Brigitte Boyea and Saint Germain

Brigitte Boyea, born and raised in Germany, has been an intuitive healer all her life. Having completed extensive training in many different healing modalities, Brigitte offers effective tools of self-empowerment and self-transformation to assist her clients in their individual healing processes.

Maintaining a continuous connection to the Divine Hierarchy of Light, her readings and healing sessions are always supervised by the presence of Angels, Ascended Masters and other Beings of Love and Light.

Working primarily with Saint Germain, Master of Transformation, and his violet flame as her guide, Brigitte’s messages offer a deeper clarity and understanding of life’s circumstances and one’s role in them.

Clients leave her classes and individual sessions empowered and ready to make choices that will unleash great transformational forces affecting every aspect of their lives.

One way she uses to bring enlightenment to the world is by hosting Ascended Master retreat weekends throughout the year. During these three day workshops, much healing and deep inner transformation takes place.

Brigitte offers her services and ongoing classes out of Clinton, New Jersey as well as locations around the world. She can be reached for individual long distant sessions via phone, Skype, email or Facebook. For more information, please visit her website.

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April 2016

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March 2016

Archangel Uriel and Archeia Aurora

Archangel Uriel with his divine compliment Archeia Aurora are representatives of the sixth Ray. Together they are committed to guide the Initiates on their journey into the deeper mysteries of life on Earth and to help them find their way back to an enlightened state of love, peace and oneness. Their deep love and compassion for humanity is matched only by few other Angels. They offer courage and reassurance where needed to give you the strength to release everything that no longer serves you in preparation for the dawn of a new beginning. A new life is awaiting you. Let Archangel Uriel and Archeia Aurora lead you across the threshold into the sacred union with your divine Self. View Guest page

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Archangel Chamuel and Archeia Charity

Archangel Chamuel with his divine compliment Archeia Charity also represent the third ray. They embody divine love on all levels.

Together, they guide the Initiate on the path of enlightenment to release old hurt and heal those wounds that created the illusion of separation and loneliness.

Their focus is for you to have a healthier relationship with your own Self first. Then all the other relationships in your life, whether they are work or family related or with other people in general, will change, too, as a reflection of your inner Self.

Their love and compassion for you is so strong that you can’t help but release the belief that you are all alone in the world. The truth is that you are part of something greater and that you have an important role to play within the divine plan here on earth. Let ArchAngel Chamuel and Archeia Charity remind you of the beautiful divine spirit in human form that you are.

Inspired artwork created by Eva Sullivan / www.stardolphin.com View Guest page

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ArchAngel Jophiel and Archeia Christine

ArchAngel Jophiel with his divine compliment Archeia Christine, also represent the second ray. In times of darkness, ArchAngel Jophiel becomes a beautiful guiding light to bring you out of fear and separation into a place of illuminated love and joy. His deep connection to the yellow/golden ray of the sun helps soften the intensity of these times of transformation. His guidance and love allows you to step into a place of inner peace and stillness, unaffected by the influences outside of yourself. This in turn allows you to raise yourself up into a place of full alignment with your divine source to bring clarity and greater wisdom to all aspects of your life. View Guest page

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Archangel Gabriel and Archeia Hope

Archangel Gabriel with his divine compliment Archeia Hope, representatives of the fourth ray, embody divine purity on all levels. Together, they guide the initiate on the path of enlightenment to strengthen their alignment with Spirit through the reinforcement of the power of love within the heart. As a result constant communication with the higher realms is created for the benefit of one’s individual ascensions process as well as the global ascension of humanity as a whole. The heat and intensity of the love that is forming and growing in your heart will be the driving force that keeps you going when everything around starts to fall away. It is what gives you the strength to release all unwanted influences and give birth to your divine existence here on earth. Archangel Gabriel and Archeia Hope remind you that you are the living portal that brings Heaven to Earth if you so choose. This makes you an active instrument of illumination for all. Inspired artwork by Eva Sullivan View Guest page

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Archangel Raphael and Archeia Mary

Archangel Raphael with his divine compliment Archeia Mary are also representatives of the fifth Ray. They embody divine love and compassion in its purest form to support the healing process that is taking place on earth at this time.
Together, they move into direct communion with those initiates that are ready to be consecrated as tools of healing for the Hierarchy of Light. They then can assist in anchoring a higher frequency of illumination, love and power into the world.
Inspired artwork created by Eva Sullivan / www.stardolphin.com. View Guest page

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Ascended Master El Morya

El Morya, Chohan of the first Ray, has been guiding humanity on its path of initiation for a very long time. He has been known to sit on the side of the road of enlightenment testing the initiate’s level of love and compassion by pretending to be a poor and homeless man asking for help. Humility and the willingness to see divinity in action in everything around you marks you as a true spiritual leader, worthy to hold divine power in the palms of your hands as a co-creator of God/Creator/Source/The Great Spirit of All That is. This is not an easy task to learn as it asks you to continuously surrender to something greater than you. El Morya will take you patiently by your hand showing you that as you enter the depth of your own inner darkness and fear, all you will find is the beauty of your Divine Light already radiating out into the world ever so brightly. Inspired picture of the Path of Initiation created by Eva Sullivan / www.stardolphin.com View Guest page

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Ascended Master Hilarion

Ascended Master Hilarion is the Chohan of the fifth Ray. His main focus is the healing powers of unconditional love in its purest form. He has devoted himself to support the initiate in the healing of body, soul and spirit. Emotions and thoughts are aspects of this healing process. Because of this Master Hilarion has dedicated himself to anchor a higher truth here on Earth. The benefit of this is the releasing of those illusions and glamor that hinder humanity’s awakening process to a consciousness of love and oneness. View Guest page

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Ascended Master Kuthumi

Kuthumi, once the Chohan of the second ray, is now a teacher to those who are being prepared to become world teachers of divine wisdom here on earth. He has been guiding humanity on its path of illumination for a long time. His focus is to assist humanity to rise out of a consciousness that is rooted in separation into a consciousness of love, oneness, and infinite blessings. His teachings are gentle but powerful, giving you the courage to open up to a world far beyond what can be seen or touched. He invites you to acknowledge your master and angelic self within. This will lead to you fully accepting that you are part of “God/Source/Creator/The Great Spirit of all That Is” and a co-creator here on Earth. This is the time to take your rightful place as a member of the Hierarchy of Light here on earth to give birth to a new paradigm. View Guest page

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ArchAngel Michael and Lady Faith

ArchAngel Michael and Lady Faith also represent the first Ray. Their main work is to help those who are ready to experience the sacred union with their spiritual Self. Both offer guidance in the effective release of illusions that may have kept one limited and separate from moving into a state of all-oneness. ArchAngel Michael as the Light of God uses his sword of truth to cut through the web of confusion and attachments. This will empower you to see life and yourself in it in a new way. Lady Faith will give you the courage and strength needed to continue on your chosen path of enlightenment. She will remind you in moments of fear and doubt that your choice to surrender to your spiritual Self is well worth it as it gives birth to a new level of love, joy, peace and happiness in your life. Inspired picture of ArchAngel Michael created by Eva Sullivan / www.stardolphin.com View Guest page

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Lady Nada and Lord Sananda

Lady Nada and Lord Sananda are the higher aspects of Mary Magdalene and Jesus. Both are twin flames and hold the office of the Chohan of the sixth Ray at this time. Their main focus is the power of grace through total detachment and obedience to the Hierarchy of Light. Lady Nada teaches the Initiate the importance of maintaining inner stillness from a place of humility. This then in turn opens up the Initiate to receive the full force of the divine presences to work through him or her and to minister to those who are in need of loving support on their path of liberation. View Guest page

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Ascended Master Paul The Venetian

Paul, the Venetian, Chohan of the third ray, is devoted to awaken within our hearts the combined forces of the ray of love and wisdom. He merges the teachings of the East and the West, the buddhic wisdom and the Christ love principles into one powerful whole. Music, art, poetry, are one of the many ways to express the beauty of this love, a love that knows no limits as it calls for compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, patience and charity. It is this love that eventually will lead to our ascension out of duality into the higher realms of all-oneness.

Paul the Venetian lovingly guides us to remember that life is a canvas and we are the artists that add the different colors and shapes to it by the heartfelt choices we make. He reminds us that we are beautiful and perfect. Now is the time to bring this beauty out into the world and to let our radiant heart be seen by all. View Guest page

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Ascended Master Serapis Bey

Serapis Bey, Chohan of the fourth Ray, devoted himself to getting you and all of humanity back home into the higher realms of existence. He has dedicated his work to coach initiates on the path of enlightenment in releasing old and outdated belief systems, habits and forms of existence with ease. This triggers a purification process that leads the initiate to completely embrace and accept all of themselves as aspects of God/Source/Creator/The Great Spirit of All That Is. Once someone embarks on the path of the fourth ray under the supervision of Serapis Bey, they awaken to their divine purpose here on Earth and develop the ability to consciously be divinity in action at all times. Often Serapis Bey is seen as a spiritual cheerleader and life coach. He wants you to remember that the purification process can be simple and accomplished by everyone. His main support to you is in his assistance in deepening your connection to your heart as a bridge to your Soul and your Spiritual Self. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Ascended Master St. Germain

St. Germain, co-host and Master of Transformation, Ancient Wisdom, Freedom and Mercy and the Chohan of the Seventh Ray, ascended from his human existence into the higher realms to guide humanity to do the same. His main focus is to support the evolutionary process here on Earth during this time of great global change from a consciousness of duality and limitations into a consciousness of oneness, love, peace and liberation. Much has been written about him, some of it true and some of it a human interpretation to conceptualize the unexplainable. His intent for creating this radio show series is to not only assist you in the transformation of your own personal life, but also in the transformation of planet Earth through you as a channel and instrument of the Divine Hierarchy Of Light. His main message is always one of love and empowerment to give you the courage to delve deep into your own inner Self to uncover the beauty of your true divine essence and radiance. View Guest page

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