Radio Episodes
9/7/2021 finding-meaning-joy-and-purpose-in-what-you-do

Finding Meaning, Joy, and Purpose in What You Do

Innovating Leadership, Co-Creating Our Future
Conversations about meaning and purpose at work are very old and very new. Spirituality proves a lens for those discussions. Workplace spirituality helps us understand issues such as fulfillment, engagement, purpose, leadership, and more. Listen Now

4/21/2020 impact-leading-change-in-the-digital-age

Impact-Leading Change in the Digital Age

Innovating Leadership, Co-Creating Our Future
With great power comes great responsibility. Our spiritual evolution and collective wisdom struggle to keep pace with the power granted by our technological evolution. Harnessing the good business does by scaling science for the benefit of humanity, through creating communities where people can learn—and contribute more than they could alone—and by furthering human flourishing are among noblest aims we may pursue. Listen Now