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3/1/2018 manage-to-make-a-difference

Manage to Make a Difference

Managing to Make a Difference
Managing to Make a Difference takes time, effort and talent from each manager. Over the past several months, the team has explored the seven keys ways to achieve just that – Making a Difference in the lives of their employees each day. Listen Now

2/15/2018 hire-your-own-replacement

Hire Your Own Replacement

Managing to Make a Difference
Investing time and energy in your own development will most certainly help accelerate your personal career growth. Listen Now

1/4/2018 spending-more-time-on-your-20-percent

Spending More Time on Your 20 Percent

Managing to Make a Difference
In this week’s episode of Managing to Make a Difference, Larry Sternberg and Dr. Kim Turnage discuss why you should spend more time on your 20%. Listen Now

12/21/2017 taking-action-with-your-employees

Taking Action with Your Employees

Managing to Make a Difference
Legacy employees have been loyal, hardworking and ambassadors of your company for a long time, but your business is changing in ways that are not always favorable for them. Listen Now

11/16/2017 positive-conversational-behavior

Positive Conversational Behavior

Managing to Make a Difference
Here’s a straight to the point fact of life: rumors, hearsay and gossip damage your culture. Everyone knows this is true, and yet the cycle perpetuates. Listen Now

10/26/2017 address-poor-performance-and-bad-behavior

Address Poor Performance and Bad Behavior

Managing to Make a Difference
You want your employees to have fun at work, but they also have a job to do, and as a manager, it your responsibility balance workplace fun with a focus on performance. Listen Now

10/5/2017 the-great-takeoff-day

The Great Takeoff Day

Managing to Make a Difference
As a manager, you play a key role in onboarding your new employees. It’s important that you welcome and integrate your new employees in a thoughtful and intentional way, while maintaining the importance of cultivating relationships as your number one priority. Listen Now

9/21/2017 invest-your-time-with-top-performers

Invest Your Time with Top Performers

Managing to Make a Difference
There are only 24 hours in a day, so the question becomes how are you going to use the limited time you have at work each day to help grow yourself, your employees and the organization? Listen Now

9/7/2017 leadership-toolbox

Leadership Toolbox

Managing to Make a Difference
Recognized as #2 by Leadership 500 Awards for exceptional Leadership Development Programs, Talent Plus offers this award-winning, global Leadership Toolbox program on its Lincoln campus. Listen Now

8/17/2017 recruit-continuously

Recruit Continuously

Managing to Make a Difference
Do you want to build an extraordinary team of people? One of the key facets in doing so is recruitment. Listen Now

7/27/2017 empower-your-people

Empower Your People

Managing to Make a Difference
How many times a week, maybe even in a day, do you have to check with your supervisor in order to make a decision? Listen Now

7/6/2017 meet-peoples-needs

Meet People's Needs

Managing to Make a Difference
As individual’s we are all different. We all have varying personalities, diverse talents and depending on a multitude of factors, our needs are different and can be met in different ways. Listen Now

6/22/2017 kick-butt-in-the-right-way

Kick Butt in the Right Way

Managing to Make a Difference
We don’t often talk about it, but sometimes managers need to kick butt. When employees may not be holding up their end of a task or not performing well, it is important to outline specific expectations so both parties are clear on the goals. One way of doing so is kicking butt. Listen Now

6/8/2017 optimize-fit

Optimize Fit

Managing to Make a Difference
This week we continue discussing how best to accelerate people’s growth with a focus on optimizing fit. What is fit? Listen Now

5/25/2017 help-people-self-actualize

Help People Self-Actualize

Managing to Make a Difference
The definition of self-actualization is simple – it is to realize or to fulfill your talent and potential. Listen Now

5/11/2017 embrace-the-ebb-and-flow-of-relationships

Embrace the Ebb and Flow of Relationships

Managing to Make a Difference
Many people believe that relationships between two people should be 50/50. Ideally, this is true – burdens and rewards should be equally shared. However, that is not reality. Listen Now

4/27/2017 apologize-and-forgive

Apologize and Forgive

Managing to Make a Difference
Many managers cannot bring themselves to admit they made a mistake. Have you ever reported to someone like this? If you have, you simply have to adjust to it. Listen Now

4/13/2017 prioritize-one-on-ones

Prioritize One On Ones

Managing to Make a Difference
We believe that the most important meetings a manager has with their direct reports are one on one. Listen Now

3/30/2017 tolerate-undesirable-behaviors

Tolerate Undesirable Behaviors

Managing to Make a Difference
If you are committed to cultivating positive relationships with people through accepting them as they are, you will inevitably run into conflicts between how people really are and how you wish they could be. Listen Now

3/16/2017 go-ahead-get-close-to-your-people

Go Ahead, Get Close to Your People

Managing to Make a Difference
Many managers are taught not to get too close to your employees. Managers are expected to be friendly with their employees, but they also “know where to draw the line.” Listen Now