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8/17/2022 the-future-of-automotive-retail-and-tech-how-will-you-buy-a-car

The Future of Automotive Retail & Tech: How Will YOU Buy A Car?

Technology Revolution: The Future of Now
The in-person experience of car buying has always been alluring, letting you inhale the new car scent, examine the shiny power under the hood, literally kick the tires, ask questions of a human salesperson, and feel the road in a test drive. Listen Now

4/26/2022 todays-automotive-retail-what-will-it-look-like-tomorrow

Today’s Automotive Retail: What Will It Look Like Tomorrow?

The Future of Mobility and Manufacturing with Game Changers, Presented by SAP
The Buzz 1: An Accenture report found that 53 percent of car buyers would consider buying a car online. ( The Buzz 2: Nearly 30% of U.S. new car sales in 2020 were completed online, compared to < 2% of vehicles pre-pandemic. Listen Now