The Story of BOLA Granola

September 14, 2016
Hosted by David Marinac

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BOLA granola wasn’t born yesterday. Their roots go back decades, from a pottery camp in California across the country to my kitchen in the Berkshire Hills and to their BOLA granola bakery at the foot of Monument Mountain. Along the way, they've made lots of friends, people who thrive on BOLA granola. All of the granolas rely on oats, almonds and pumpkin seeds for hearty, high protein nutrition and fresh, nutty flavor. Each serving of BOLA granola is packed with these three ingredients supported by other organic grains, a little sweet, a little salt and excellent vanilla. Nothing else. It's mixed it all together and toasted to a perfect crunch… 36 pounds at a time. Michele has had a passion for good food since her childhood, when she watched her Parisian mother turn out elegant dinners and delicious desserts. She discovered early on that food gives pleasure, both to those who make it and those who eat it.?? Join us for this episode to learn more about BOLA Granola's unique story!

Ditch The Box

Ditch The Box

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Retail packaging with a strong emphasis on printed flexible packaging and the marketing tools and techniques that are available can and will help companies communicate like never before. Flexible packaging includes stand up pouches, spouted stand bags for liquids, flat barrier bags, and more.

We interview thought leaders in our industry about their experiences in dealing with the major retailers along with helpful tips and tricks that can lower costs and increase margins.

Ditch The Box is a show where we discuss the good and bad and the ups and downs of the retail packaging industry. We live in a world of “Whomever communicates best, WINS” and Content Marketing such as blogs, videos, social networks, etc. are leading that charge. There is a direct correlation between communication, marketing, and sales in the retail packaging industry and this show consistently discusses each of them and how companies can not only survive but thrive when using them properly.

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David Marinac

David Marinac

I’m David Marinac, president and CEO of ABC Packaging Direct, the home of

Everything I do and the companies that I lead have to do with problem solving. Finding a need and filling it, finding a packaging inefficiency such as high cost, damage, poor supply chain methods, lack of supplier accountability, etc. and then proposing alternatives that not only are more effective and efficient, they save our clients BIG MONEY.

Packaging is often the last thing companies look at. They spend countless hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars developing their product, then they ship it with substandard and lousy packaging which jeopardizes the success of the product completely via damage, poor quality, or product goes stale or rancid. Packaging is the VOICE of your brand. What is YOUR packaging saying about your product?

I’ve been in the packaging industry for over 30 years. I’ve built three businesses from scratch to millions in sales, often and mostly without seeing our clients face-to-face. This is NOT easy to do, build trust and rapport AND get paid, again without meeting face-to-face.

I am a member of the Institute of Packaging Professionals, Entrepreneur Association Alumni Group, Private Label Manufacturer’s Association, and I’m a graduate of the Entrepreneur Management Program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology sponsored by Inc Magazine.

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Gene Mealhow "Farmer Gene"

Farmer Gene Mealhow has been producing Tiny But Mighty Popcorn® since the late 1990s. A third-generation family farmer and soil consultant by profession, Gene continues to build his company and consult with farmers regarding organic certification. Back in the 1980s, Gene started to look at the whole picture involving groundwater & chemicals and decided to go organic with his farming. He joined a soil consulting firm, which advised farmers about soil nutrients & seed selection. One of Gene’s first customers in the early 1990s was Richard Kelty, who brought Gene in to reduce his waste and increase the yield of a very special seed - known today as Tiny But Mighty Popcorn. Gene and Richard worked together, greatly improving yields, until Richard decided he was ready to sell the business in 1998. Gene had a connection to this special heirloom seed & didn't want to see it fall to the wayside; a few weeks later he asked Richard if he could buy the business. View Guest page

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Melissa Anthony

Melissa Anthony Sinn, founder and CEO of anthonyBarnum Public Relations, leads a team of expert public relations strategists based in Austin, Texas. Her firm serves some of the most recognized multinational companies in the world, and innovative mid-market and emerging organizations headquartered in Texas. With nearly 20 years of experience in public relations, she began her career in NYC where she held positions at the renowned firm Ruder Finn and MacMillan Communications. Her PR expertise and commitment to excellence have been invaluable for clients including the Czech Republic, BP, top professional services firms and leading high-growth technology companies. In addition to driving anthonyBarnum forward, Melissa supports the goals of the Austin entrepreneurial and business community as a board member of the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce. She is a board member of the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, a patron of Austin Ballet and actively engaged in veteran's issues. View Guest page

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Ron Bergamini

Action Environmental Group is the parent company of Action Carting Environmental Services, Inc. is New York City’s most progressive and innovative provider of non-hazardous waste management services, catering to a diverse range of industrial and commercial customers, including restaurants, medical facilities, building contractors, investment banks and other types of businesses. From collection and recycling, to composting organic material and disposal, Action Carting Environmental Services, Inc. provides a comprehensive selection of environmentally responsible service offerings to our customers.
Other subsidaries are Action Environmental Solutions, LLC, a state of the art recycling facility in the Bronx and Action Environmental Systems, LLC, the operator of two solid waste transfer stations located in the Bronx and Brooklyn View Guest page

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Owen Blevins

Owen Blevins is a Partner at Focus Inbound. As a consultant to mid-sized businesses, he has 3 decades of real world experiences marketing businesses successfully to others. Owen specializes in inbound marketing strategies and tactics that can be incorporated using LinkedIn – Facebook – Twitter – Ad Words – PPC – Online Video – Blogging – E commerce – Search Engine Optimization and Marketing – Contextual Demographics – Customer Persona Identification – Mobile Integration – Calls-to-Action – Landing Pages – Website Design and Development. He brings a real world, common sense approach to selecting and implementing these tools for your business by employing a blended strategy to increase your visibility, promote your company by positioning you as a thought leader in your industry and help your business engage with your customers online using the right tools. View Guest page

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Bill Bookout

Bill Bookout is a founding member of the National Animal Supplement Council, serving as President from 2002 to May 2012, returning as President in February 2014 and continuing as chairman of the Board of Directors of the nonprofit organization. Mr. Bookout was President of Genesis Limited, a company he founded in 1999 that provides both feed and health products for companion animals. In March of 2012, Genesis was acquired by Kemin Industries Inc., a privately held, family-owned company that has nearly 1500 employees and operates in more than 90 countries. He was Vice President of Global Sales at Kemin before reassuming the role of NASC President. Mr. Bookout has been selected by Health Canada to serve on the Expert Advisory Committee for Veterinary Natural Health Products. Prior to founding Genesis, he spent 15 years in the human medical device and animal health industries. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Darryl Bosshardt

Darryl Bosshardt is passionate about healthily living, healthy eating and life-long learning. Darryl works in marketing and business development for Redmond, manufacturer and distributor for natural, healthy, sustainable products. Darryl grew up working for the family mineral business in Redmond, UT and then earned a Bachelors of Science degree at Southern Utah University followed by an MBA at Western Governor's University. View Guest page

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Tim Brown

Owner of Taco-In-A-Bag & Glutton Force Five, Tim Brown. View Guest page

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George Campbell

George Campbell is a diverse businessman who realizes new business opportunities within the sectors of product or service design, business model design, and marketing. He evaluates and implements a planned strategy using new business development; economics, finance, managerial activities, competition, prices, and marketing techniques. George works with his clients in the areas of technological improvement, cost reduction, general welfare, improved relations, and sector growth. At American Green in Brooklyn, NY, George is responsible for East Coast Sales & Business Development. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Jerry Chizick

Jerry Chizick is currently the leading marketer of Branded Pita products in Canada...producing and distributing fresh and frozen pita and flatbreads as well as dry snack products throughout North America. Jerry has over twenty-six years of successful management experience within the bakery and food industry as well as domestic and international experience within the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and toiletries industries. He has a proven track record in managing for growth, market share, volume and profit, goal setting and performance measurement, expansion through internal development and acquisitions, customer development, and more. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Kevin Coen

Kevin joined the family on October 28th, 2013 as the President of Fannie May Fine Chocolates and Harry London. Kevin brings extensive experience and success in the retail, wholesale, e-commerce and distribution business with companies such as Lindt Chocolate, Swarovski and Filene’s. He was most recently the Chief Executive Officer of Crabtree & Evelyn, with responsibility for North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. View Guest page

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Andrew Cousins

Andrew Cousins is an international packaging entrepreneur, with a reputation internationally for bringing packaging customers and producers together for success. Andrew followed his father and founded his own firm during university, working on packaging projects in the rigid packaging industry. In 2008 he was asked to join Packsys Global in Switzerland, as packaging specialist in the international sales team. Travelling all over the world, he built packaging factories in countries as diverse as the Ukraine, India & Croatia. As he took up the entrepreneurial role again, his new wine packaging company took him to California, where he first “met” the flexible packaging market – namely stand-up pouches directly in an interesting project for Wine in stand-up pouches. Impressed by the range of options, he expanded into this new world, and soon wound up working with Cellpack Packaging, a dynamic Swiss firm, specializing in finding the solutions to impossible flexible packaging problems! View Guest page

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Cynthia Davis

Cynthia was born and raised in Detroit. She planned on attending Culinary school in Chicago but that was postponed due to the birth of her twins. She was a stay at home mom for 10 1/2 years. During this time she had several local chefs take her under their wings. She also began catering for friends. In 2013 Cynthia legally formed Sha La Cynt's Personal Chef & Catering Company. Sha La Cynt's is a health conscious personal Chef & Catering company with growing product lines. In June of 2016 their Decadent Vegan Dessert line will be on the shelves at Whole Foods Detroit. Their Vegan Gourmet Popcorn line will be introduced to Whole Foods in May of 2016. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Jim Dekosta

Jim Dekosta has been with Assemblies Unlimited for over three years and has an extensive background in paper and packaging. He studied hotel restaurant management from Southern Illinois University and spent 4 years with The Newark Group which was a fully integrated global manufacture of paperboard. After that he worked with Rock-Tenn for 11 years and was responsible for their industrial packaging division. Assemblies Unlimited has allowed Jim to use his background to provide packaging solutions to all customers for both primary and secondary packaging solutions, including material sourcing and full project management.

In Jim's spare time outside of work he enjoys coaching his daughter's soccer team and going to local street festivals and trying new restaurants in the city. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Linda Dickinson

Seasoned supply chain professional with over 28 years of experience serving Ecommerce, B2C, and B2C clients across a diverse range of industries. Linda enjoys meeting people, learning about their companies and talking about the challenges they face with their branding, marketing and supply chain. She loves challenges and takes great pride in her track record for creating successful, proven solutions that enhance the overall customer brand experience while driving efficiencies, improving performance, and increasing sales & profitability. Linda has an in-depth working knowledge of many supply chain services including fulfillment, contact center, kitting & assembly, operations, printing and direct mail which gives her the insight needed to develop streamlined and integrated solutions. Specialties: New Business Development, Client Relations, Sales & Marketing, Multi-Channel Integration, Brand Retention/Growth, New Brand Development/ Implementation, Program Transitions, etc. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Bryce Dorsing

Bryce Dorsing is the Senior Vice President of Stoneridge Orchards; a third generation family owned and operated business that has been dominating the all-natural and organic dried and frozen fruit market since 1962. Before taking the reins, Dorsing ventured away from his hometown of Royal City, Washington, to attend the University of Idaho, receiving his Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness. He concentrated on sales, marketing and business management, allowing him to exponentially grow Stoneridge Orchards’ sales and marketing initiatives. Bryce Dorsing enjoys hunting, fishing and golfing. He currently lives in Royal City, WA with his wife and 2 daughters. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Michael Fechter

Michael Fechter, CEO and Owner of Hansen Foods, LLC has more than 30 years of progressively responsible experience directing and growing businesses with revenues in excess of $40 million. Michael has led these companies through start-up, survival, acquisition and growth modes. Michael has spent 24 years as president, vice president business development and consulting in a variety of industries including; agriculture, plastics, packaging, industrial manufacturing and consumables. His understanding of business encompasses; strategic planning, operations, business development, logistics, value add services, btb and retail sales. Among his previous positions, Michael along with his longtime partner, John Frey acquired Hansen Foods in the fall of 2013. During his short tenure he’s increased sales by 45% through organic growth which has led to doubling the number of employees and facility expansion plans in 2016. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Ray Gadd

Ray was born in the borough of Manhattan in NYC, grew up in New Jersey and attended college at the University of Dayton in Ohio where he attained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and an emphasis in Marketing. He started his business career in the food industry and worked with Borden Foods. In 1980, Ray moved his family to Idaho working for Ore-Ida Foods. During his 17 years with them he was responsible for everything from new product rollouts, to creating sales generation campaigns, to building brands in the military commissary system, to export sales to Asia. When Ore-Ida moved to Pittsburgh, he was determined to stay in Boise and became president of Murie Design, a graphic design firm that worked closely with Hewlett-Packard. Ray is currently the Chief Marketing Officer of Flagship Food Group, a $300M private equity company focused in the food space and is responsible for strategic direction, new product development and runs their third-party packaging business. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Lisa Griffiths

Author of International Steampunk Fashions, Lisa was working on a second book, a Victorian/Edwardian fashions book when her gourmet nut snack business, That Nutty Redhead, began to take off in popularity. Lisa had been selling the scrumptious all natural, gluten free almond & cashew nut snacks at a farmers market in MA when foragers from Whole Foods tried the snack and declared that they had to have it on the shelves. That was in 2014, only 9 months after taking the product to the public. Fast forward to early 2016, That Nutty Redhead nut snack is now sold in most of the Whole Foods markets in the New England (north Atlantic) region, along with other major grocery chains such as Market Basket, Roche Brothers, Crosby's, Donalen's, McKinnon's, and more. The Praline recipe is based on one from a cookbook that her Victorian era grandmother Ella Mae owned from the late 1800's. That Nutty Redhead is set for expansion as she endeavors to go national. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Michael Hocklander

Michael Hocklander has a communications degree and a masters degree in leadership and ethics from John Brown University. Mr. Hocklander worked for Walmart Home Office in International Marketing for six years. In 2007, he started Caribe Producers, LLC, a production company servicing retail, non-profit associations, and travel agencies for marketing through media and live events. In 2014, Caribe Producers partnered with JR Global to launch a private label line of consumables. The successful placement of a private label jerky in the mini-bars at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada prompted a look into the jerky category for national distribution into retail.
On November 1, 2015, Caribe Producers selected and licensed the brand "The Legendary Hatfield & McCoy Family Brands" to launch a line of jerky for national distribution. Spicy Revenge and Black Powder jerky debuted May 24 at the 2016 Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago, Illinois. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Amy Iaciofano

I am the owner of Three Paws Up and I bake all natural dog treats made with organic ingredients. My treats are now sold at Quality Fruitland, Whole Foods Market in Providence and Jamestown Mercantile. I just got great news about my treats coming to another store soon! I started baking and my taste testers Peanut, Princess and Max gave me Three Paws Up after sampling my first batch! I am active in animal rescue, believe in giving back and absolutely love to help animals find homes and provide quality treats that are healthy! My website is View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Gary Jacobs

Jacobs has worked in the Pet Industry his entire career. Graduating from SUNY Delhi in 1986 with a degree in agriculture, Jacobs began working for a premium pet food distributor in Queens New York. Jacobs was then recruited to be a territory manager by Truimph Pet foods, which he did for 6 years. Jacobs then went to work for Vo-Toys,a family owned pet toy manufacturer in New Jersey, where he was the national sales manager for over 20 years. Jacobs job responsibilities included marketing and product development was well as sales. In 2014, Mr. Jacobs started a new company called Scoochie Pet Products, which he says take the best of all the companies he has worked for and combined that with his almost 30 years experience in the pet industry and created what he calls the Pet Shop Quality pet company. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Art Johanson

Art Johanson is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Tri-Cor POP. In this role, his core duties include developing Sales and Marketing Strategies for Tri-Cor's core business in the Graphic Packaging and POP marketplace, as well Marketing Strategies for the US Distributorship of i-Echo Digital Cutting Tables. Art has an extensive background in Sales and Marketing with a unique insight on the packaging industry. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy Johnson is the General Manager & National Sales Manager of Encore Specialty Foods, a gourmet food importer based in Hingham, Massachusetts. He started working for Encore in 2004 as part of an internship program though Chicago's DePaul University. After a successful internship, Johnson worked part time for Encore in a customer service role from 2005 - 2007 while obtaining his Bachelor's Degree at DePaul University's Richard H. Driehaus College of Business, with a focus in entrepreneurial business. Upon graduating from DePaul in 2007, Johnson moved from Chicago back to his native Massachusetts to join the company full time as National Sales Manager, working closely with Encore's network of retail and foodservice distributors throughout the U.S. In 2013, Johnson was promoted to General manager. Johnson has been featured in The New York Times, CNBC.COM, Yahoo Finance, and The Gourmet Retailer discussing the specialty food industry. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Dave Lakin

Over the last 35 years, Dave has built a reputation as an amazing turn-around manager. In the last 2 years alone he has helped over 30 business owners achieve their goals, and take their business to the next level, achieving double and triple-digit growth in profitability, accomplished through improvements in sales, marketing, team training, systems development and strategic planning. Dave began working as an aircraft electrician in the US Navy and quickly discovered his troubleshooting skills applied to areas of business as well. He quickly progressed and ultimately ended up at Naval Aviation Headquarters as a large-program manager. Upon retirement from the Navy after 24 years of service he landed with a large DoD Contractor as a licensed Program Manager (PMP). He worked several multimillion-dollar programs at once, taking each of them to higher levels of success. Craving more impact to his own community, he turned to coaching as a way to give back locally. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Kevin Lamar

Graduate of Stanford University, Kevin holds an impressive resume. Currently the VP of Sales and Marketing at Golden Bison/High Plains Bison, his success has been enormous. During his time with Golden Bison thus far, he has built and leads a team of 7 sales professionals, nearly doubled revenue through the introduction of formal processes for channel distribution and product placement, AND secured a strategic partnership with Whole Foods to plan and execute promotional activities and informational campaigns. Kevin’s specializes in Business Leadership, Revenue Growth, Budget Management, Market Penetration, Product Commercialization, Fortune 500 Partnerships, Licensing, Business Development, P&L Management, Financial Management, and Product Development. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Patrick Mallek

Bold. Gusty. Completely insane. Those are words most often used to describe test pilots, mountain climbers and lion tamers. But they could also be used to describe our head creative. Patrick Mallek walked out of high school into an agency more than 25 years ago and hasn’t stopped soaring or climbing or taming lions since. He’s the perfect combination of instinct, inspiration and discipline. And like any good head waiter, he’s more than just the pretty face that gets you to your table. He also brings you your food, busses your table, does the dishes and sweeps up after you leave. You know, just until the lion taming gig picks up… View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Kevin Malnor

Kevin Malnor is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Vital Essentials. Kevin is not new to the industry, he has over 30 years of success growing brands and developing people. He has quite an extensive resume. Before joining the talented team at Vital Essentials, Kevin spent 5 years with Birds Eye Foods in sales & marketing and 12 years with Nature’s Way working in sales, marketing and customer development. Now at Vital Essentials, Kevin uses his sales and marketing expertise to spread the news about this awesome group of pet enthusiasts that believes every dog and cat should have access to the finest foods available anywhere in the world. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

David McElyea

2 Plank Solutions was founded with a Macbook bought on credit and the faith of a trusted mentor in 2012. Since then the company has gone on to work with firms of all sizes in a variety of industries. Focused on promoting brands, generating leads and driving revenue, 2 Planks uses Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, Web Development and Inbound/Content Marketing strategies to drive positive results for their clients. At the helm of the 2 Planks, and it’s a small wheelhouse, is David McElyea. A 20-year ski and snowboard industry veteran, David has spent the past 15 years immersed in technology. Working on projects that have ranged from replacing literal cut and paste operations to complex legacy system integration with new platforms, David has always been able to work outside of norm to create solutions that ultimately bring more profit to the bottom line. When not solving problems with technology, David is usually enjoying the outdoors in Gunnison Colorado with his wife View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Debra Meyers

I had a corporate life. For years I had a double life. I worked 40-60 hours a week consulting and doing complex project management while pursuing my dream of owning my own company. I wanted to control my own life. It was never easy and in fact it's harder now than ever. The larger we get the more pressure I feel to succeed. It reminds me a lot of every boss I ever had...what have you done today? This is the question I ask myself about MY EFFORTS! It's a crazy relentless pursuit of business. It's this on going desire to succeed where SO MANY FAIL. Today my own company is going strong and we are profitable but that wasn't always the case. I'm constantly reminded of the cliche, reduce costs and sell more. It's funny how volume covers lots of mistakes. The key is to manufacture in a way that is efficient all the time so you can experience the profit windfalls that come from time to time. Nothing happens without a dream.....DREAM BIG! View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Michele Miller

My professional career began at Alice Brock’s famous restaurant. At Suchele Bakers, which I opened in Lenox in 1975, we produced artisanal breads, European pastries, and all-American pies in a tiny store front bakery. In 1983, the Old Inn on the Green in New Marlborough, Massachusetts was the first prix-fixe dining in the Berkshires focused on local and regional cooking and simple, comforting foods. When I opened the iconic Boiler Room Café in 1987, I was chef and owner, until closing it in 1997. For several years I traveled the world in private aviation, catering meals in a tiny galley at 35,000 feet. I launched BOLA granola locally in the spring of 2008. As they say, the rest is history. Recently we introduced BOLA granola Gluten-Free and BOLA granola Barely Sweet because you wanted it. Our BOLA bar is like no other, Gluten-Free, nutritious and naturally crunchy. Our granolas are certified non-GMO, mostly organic and also vegan. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Rebecca O'Connor

As a native of Colorado, Rebecca has been working in the marijuana industry for the past 4 years. Combining experience in the marijuana industry from managing facilities and consulting with numerous dispensaries over the state of Colorado. She's helped a wide range of cannabis businesses with services such as inventory reconciliation, compliance audits and creating standard operating procedure. Her passion is to help small and large businesses thrive in compliance and quality. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Marc Paxton

The food/beverage industry has been a huge part of Marc's life since he was four; that's when his dad left academia and started working for Frito-Lay. Over the next 14 years, his family moved 6 times as Marc's dad made his way around the PepsiCo system. He worked as a waiter, an employee insurance claims processor and shipping operations intern before deciding to leave food forever to focus on school.
After receiving his Master's degree, Marc was unable to find a job, so got a job at Trader Joe's, where he loved to crush all the boxes in the stores giant compactor. It was amazing to see how much packaging was thrown away at such an "eco-conscious" store!
When Marc lost his job at a tech startup in 2010, he joined his father and a family friend to start Kicking Lizard Salsa. That's where he really learned about all the different packaging options available! View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Stewart Press

Stewart has been organizing high level business events for the past 20 years. His clients include some of the industries most sought after leaders from around the globe. His passion for delivering quality programs to his clients has been a consistent pattern and he is one of few Top Level Executives in the industry, that still remain active on a daily basis with the products he puts to the market for all his clients. His true insights into insuring all his clients receive the best possible outcome are seen at all his events as they have been proven leaders in the Food & Beverage sector for nearly 10 years. His success and his company’s success can be clearly measured in the fact that they operate at once of the highest rates of renewals in the industry, and this can be seen on any of his onsite videos from past events. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Wes Raley

I believe that creation is the purest form of human enjoyment. Whether creating a product, an organization, or a relationship, I get up in the morning with the sole purpose of bringing something beautiful from imagination to existence.
Currently I am working on building Raley's Confectionary into an American candy manufacturer that can deliver a world class product profitably and responsibly while getting hands-on experience with the nuts & bolts of how a company's infrastructure, culture, vision, & cash flow is created & maintained.
I am responsible for charting a course for Raley's Confectionary, and then acquiring and utilizing the human, capital, & knowledge resources to get there. My job description changes every day. Today I'm doing accounting, sales, a little project management, and a little supply chain management. Tomorrow my employees will be in, so it will be a little training, management, more sales, some web design & social media marketing, & who knows what else. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Robert (Bob) Ricketts

Robert (Bob) Ricketts is the owner and chief pasta maker for Fasta & Ravioli Co. headquartered in Pleasant Gap, Pennsylvania. Founded in 2009, his entrepreneurial spirit has led to the development of over 60 kinds of fresh pasta and 40 different kinds of fresh frozen ravioli. Currently, Bob serves as the Vice President of the Centre County Convention & Visitors Bureau and serves on several Farmers' Markets committees. He is a 2008 graduate of Penn State's School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management. In his free time, Bob enjoys skiing, hiking, and kayaking. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Katie Robbins

My name is Katie, and I always thought I would be working a 9 to 5 job as a school counselor. However, being a school counselor wasn’t in the cards for me. What I didn't know, is through that journey, I would find my true calling and passion in life: food! The Taste of Tuscany, Inc. is an independently owned and operated business currently specializing in freshly made, preservative free, pasta sauces. Our ingredients are hand picked by the same person who cooks the sauce, me. So you know the sauce you are feeding your family is as fresh as possible. The Taste of Tuscany, Inc. is a newly formed company and we are currently based out of the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. However, don’t fret! We are working hard to get our sauce to future fans, all over the country as fast as possible. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Shelley Roth

Shelley Roth is President of Pierre’s Ice Cream Company, an 84-year-old regional ice cream manufacturer and distributor. She returned to Cleveland from New York City in 1979, to assist her father with the family business. Her first assignment was in marketing; setting the direction for the company to expand its distribution beyond Cleveland, and expand its product assortment. In 1984, Shelley assumed the position of vice president, with responsibility for sales, marketing, finance, and new product development. And, in 1991, She became President. Shelley has been active in numerous community organizations, and supports the revitalization of Cleveland’s neighborhoods in many ways. Shelley is a graduate of Leadership Cleveland. Presently, Shelley serves on the boards of the Cuyahoga Community College Foundation and International Ice Cream Association. Shelley and her husband of 33 years live in Shaker Heights. She received a B.B.A. Degree from the University of Michigan. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Tom Scheiman

Tom Scheiman is the owner of b.a. Sweetie Candy Company Inc. Tom has spent 65 years in the business distributing candy wholesale, retail, and on the web. He has owned the company 33 years and has been in the candy industry for 45 years. He currently resides in Independence Ohio and Chandler Arizona (split time). Tom has been married for 41 years to his wife Judi, has 2 kids, 2 grandkids and one on the way. The whole family lives in Arizona and manages Sweeties Candy of Arizona. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Robert Sinclair

Robert Sinclair, President of ECM BioFilms, Inc. since December of 2000, earned his A.B. from Dartmouth College and J.D. from Case Western Reserve University. He is a member of ASTM, currently serving as the subcommittee chairman of D20.92 and actively participating in D20.95, D20.96, E50, E60 and E62. Mr. Sinclair is also a member of the International Standards Organization, Society of Plastics Engineers, and Plastics Environmental Division. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Keith Strauss

In 22 years with Sales Concepts Keith has worked with thousands of clients in over 500 industries. He is well versed in topics ranging from sales and sales management skills, staff, structure and strategy. Keith spends his external facing time facilitating classes, working strategically with owners and management teams, interacting 1 on 1 with clients and delivering coaching over the phone. As President, Keith’s internal focus includes long term strategic planning as well as growing the organization’s people, processes and management. Additionally, Keith works to broaden the customer base and add long term planning and structure for the future of Sales Concepts. Following 7 years on the local board of EO Cleveland, Keith is in his sixth year serving globally and is currently the EO Mentorship Sub-Committee Chair. Keith will finish his global duties in July of 2016 and return to the EO Cleveland Board to be President from July 2017 through June 2018. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Gary Swaim

Gary is a veteran of the food and agricultural industry, and during the past thirty years has built meaningful relationships in the food business across the world. During the past years, he has successfully developed programs for Supply Chain Managers in industrial production, commercial bakeries, & food service. With his longstanding relationships in the grocery markets, he has successfully expanded the company's presence in retail supermarkets. Furthermore, he has installed various pricing programs for customers to reduce the extreme price volatility domestic & international commodity markets have imposed on all our customers. His Indiana farm roots brought him back to Indiana in the early 1980's where he worked for the Lt. Governor of the State of Indiana and with his background eventually became the statewide Director of Agriculture. Gary's family's farm in west central Indiana has historically been one of the most well respected American Angus Cattle Breeders in the country. View Guest page

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Ross Taylor

Ross Taylor lives, with his partner and co-founder Kara Leonard, in Flagstaff, Arizona. Together, they started Love You Foods and developed the FBomb line of healthy fat-based single-serve food products. Initially driven by a personal need to get adequate healthy fats in their low-carb/high-fat diet, while away from home, Ross and Kara decided to take matters (and their fats) into their own hands. They developed a line of products based on the concept of high quality, low hype, and reasonable pricing - all in durable, portable pouches. Ross believes that you should have fun, enjoy life, and not fear being a bit recalcitrant. That's reflected in the FBomb name. View Guest page

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Terry Thomsen

Terry Thomsen specializes in FOOD....Product Development, Wholesaler, Manufacturer, Certified Organic production facility.
Terry produces dough that is 100% certified organic which can be found at Heinens. Nature’s Bin, Mustard Seed Market, Whole Foods, Zagaras, Blue Sky, Door to Door organics, and Frickaccios at West Side Market in Cleveland, OH.
She has linked up with Red Star Yeast to provide organic yeast for her products.
Additionally, she has been with the Pampered Chef for nearly 26 years. View Guest page

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Andre Verge

The founders of Tego Tea are passionate about self-sufficiency, holistic living, and rediscovering our family roots. Discovering our roots and rich family history led us to this amazing recipe that naturally regulates blood sugar levels. We now wish to bless the world with our discovery. View Guest page

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Dr. Yong Wang

Dr. Yong Wang is an associate professor of marketing at Ohio University. He teaches Foundations of Professional Sales, Marketing Research, Business-to-Business Marketing, International Marketing, and Marketing Strategy. Prior to teaching at Ohio University, Dr. Wang had research and consulting experiences in international organizations and private consulting firms. His research is focused on frameworks in buyer behavior. Buying decisions are driven by a mix of rationality and hyperreality, both shaped by social and cultural contexts. His consulting expertise includes international marketing research, international trade, sourcing, and FDI, cross-cultural negotiations, strategic planning and branding, and B2B relationship marketing. View Guest page

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Debbie Weil

Debbie Weil is the proud publisher of Stand Up & Stand Out: And Watch Your Product Fly Off the Shelves by David Marinac. An author and book coach, she is the founder of Voxie Media, a boutique publisher of short, high-quality nonfiction books. A graduate of Harvard, Debbie is a Web pioneer and veteran blogger. She is the author of The Corporate Blogging Book, published by Penguin Portfolio. She has spoken to audiences worldwide about the power of blogging and other social media to connect with customers. She was named one of the Most Influential Women in Technology by Fast Company. That all sounds impressive but the truth is that she has struggled with self-doubt, procrastination, and defeatism all her life, particularly as it relates to writing. Her passion is helping first-time authors journey over the mountain from idea to book. Learn more about her at and View Guest page

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Debbie Wildrick

Debbie is a channel and distribution expert with a background in executive level business management, sales, and marketing. She has extensive background in the consumer packaged goods industry with over 30 years experience.
Her early career included various sales and management positions including Tropicana Juices (Pepsico) and Sundance Juice Sparklers (Stroh). Debbie then transitioned to the retailer side of the industry. During her tenure, she was the Director for Snacks and Grocery products. She has spent a number of years both consulting and in key management positions with start-up brands. Overall, her diverse background includes a combination of retailer and packaged goods experience, something very unique to most people in the industry. She has experience with all channels of trade and specializes in main stream retail and business strategy and execution. View Guest page

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Laura Zielinski

Laura Zielinski is Editor in Chief of BRANDPACKAGING. Her background in art and English led her to the position of Web editor at BNP Media. She continued her work in the B2B industry prior to BRANDPACKAGING as associate editor of Environmental Design + Construction and Sustainable Facility. View Guest page

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