Innovation in Sales Leadership

January 23, 2017
Hosted by Phil Bush

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Maureen Metcalf will bring her Market Leading thoughts on Innovation to Sales Execution Optimization - Innovation is key in all lines of work since the Pace of Change continues to get faster and faster. Leaders have to Innovate Faster as well. How does this pertain to Sales Execution Optimization. Phil and Maureen will spend time looking at what it is, how it works, and Sales Leaders can bet better at applying Innovative Leadership to Sales.

Sales Execution Optimization – the NEW SEO

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Sales Execution Optimization is about helping people everywhere feel more confident about where they are going in Business. Everyone sells “something.” The people who are most successful are those that have a plan to be successful.

There are those that either through title or role are selling today. Some are selling and don’t even realize they are. People who are struggling to get their message or vision of their product or service across are the people we are really speaking to on this show.

Each week Phil Bush gives tips that you can start to utilize in your sales role to succeed.

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Phil Bush

Phil Bush has covered many areas in his career, but has made his major mark in sales, sales management and sales enablement. As the CEO of MavRen Marketing and Sales, Phil has worked with companies big and small in this area, including the likes of Cisco, IBM, Oracle, HP and Infor, focusing attention on their sales process, where it works, where it doesn’t and how it might be more effective in the future. At both IBM and Oracle, Phil was Director, Account Execution Planning and Sales Coach. At Cisco, he was an outside consultant focused on Account Execution Planning. He has significant international experience, has lived in two countries outside the USA and has worked in 22 other countries.

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January 2017

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  • 1/16/2017: Person Sales Values for a Seller Listen Now
  • 1/9/2017: Why Great Sellers have a great Mindset for Sales with guest Tom Ziglar Listen Now

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Brett Boston

Brett Boston is a consultant’s consultant. Much of his company’s work is for other consulting firms, where is often assists in executive level negotiations and sales. He has deep experience with in the C-suite and a global client base. He sells consulting services and software. He has worked with and sold to corporate, government, non-profits in 37 countries. He has 10 figure sales deals he assisted with.
He is also the founder of Group Solutions, a nationally awarded and recognized consulting firm. He has developed and sold several software companies and is currently launching a new start-up venture. He has served on numerous boards and foundations. View Guest page

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Mike Bosworth

Mike Bosworth has been a thought leader within the field of sales over the few decades. He is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, story seeker and sales philosopher. He is the best-selling author of Solution Selling: Creating Buyers in Difficult Selling Markets, co-author of Customer Centric Selling, & co-author of What Great Salespeople Do: The Science of Selling Through Emotional Connection (EQ) & The Power of Story. He founded Solution Selling in 1983 with a mission to lift the bottom 80%. It became became one of the most widely adopted sales training methodologies in the tech industry. Mike’s researched how the best sales pros have high EQ & are able to connect & build trust with buyers. This led him to build a framework around how to help the bottom 80% boost their EQ with a connection framework based on the power of story. He founded Mike Bosworth Leadership to begin teaching to boosting EQ by using the power of storytelling for gaining trust & and influencing without authority. View Guest page

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Glenn Fitzgerald

Glenn will be talking to us about Personal Branding in Sales and how to use it in the days of Social Branding. As a World-Wide Client Success SaaS and Social Leader, he has traveled extensively throughout the world and sees just what an interconnected world we live in. There are are many ways to do Personal Branding, and Glenn is experienced with all of them, including LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and other emerging platforms. He will also talk about Branding fits in with the Sales Process that we have talked about on the Sales Execution Optimization Show. View Guest page

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Wayne Kurzen

Wayne Kurzen is a sought after keynote speaker, multi-time national award business advisor and successful entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in helping business leaders create organizations that become market leaders and highly valued companies.
A decorated Air Force Pilot and commander of a unit of 500, who was promoted in the top top 1% of his peers. He translated his and Management skills into running several successful businesses- Growing one startup to become a Home Depot Supplier in less than 2 years.
Wayne's passion is helping business owners have more time, money and the freedom to enjoy it. He does this by helping leadership teams implement the business operating system called EOS - Entrepreneurial Operating System. View Guest page

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Maureen Metcalf

Known as an exceptional leadership coach. Helping leaders successfully develop themselves while transfroming their businesses. Develop, test, and implement emerging models that dramatically improve leadership effectiveness and their success in transforming organizations. Work with leaders to develop "Level 5" leadership capacity.
President of Metcalf & Associates. As a management consultant, I bring 25 years of business experience to organizational challenges. Recognized as an effective, imaginative leader with proven operational skills coupled with the ability to analyze, develop, and implement successful strategies for profitability and growth. View Guest page

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Rick Nichols

Rick is Managing Partner of TechCXO LLC, an executive professional services firm based in Atlanta, GA whose charter is to assist technology companies in accelerating their revenue growth strategies. • 25+ years comprehensive experience as a senior technology sales and marketing executive with a number of older and emerging business models. • Accomplished in all aspects of sales and marketing strategy and leadership, including pipeline and forecast management, integrated sales and marketing execution, brand development and positioning, customer experience modeling demand generation and • Experience in preparing companies for acquisition, business transformation and revenue growth has helped early, mid-stage and mature companies. • Strong communication and leadership skills demonstrated by his ability to establish productive relationships with clients, colleagues, and external partners and build strong, motivated teams. View Guest page

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Donald O. Nicholson

Donald O. Nicholson is the President and Chief Regional Officer (CRO) for the North American continent by the global expert organization DEKRA. In this role, Don guides DEKRA to bundle its strengths in the USA, Canada and Mexico in order better to tap the potential of this important market. Nicholson is taking on the overall regional responsibility for strategy, business development, sales, operations and personnel management for all DEKRA companies in North America. He reports directly to the DEKRA SE Management Board in Germany. View Guest page

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Brent Prosser

Brent has spent a long and distinguished Career in Sales and Sales Management for a Variety of Companies. He worked for MSA early in his career along with Pinnacle Consulting, Eprise, Infomentis, and then to Infor in Sales Leadership. Brent has been focused on Selling as a Process for his entire Career, and over the years, has helped numerous companies evolve their Sale Process to a being more up to date, although all while achieving siginificant revenue Goals. He has been with Infor since 2010, and has had ever increasing Responsibilities over the years. View Guest page

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Don Reppert

Our guest today is Don Reppert, Managing Director of Fresh Eyes Consulting. A former U.S. Navy pilot, Don started his sales career with The Service Bureau Company as a Systems Marketing Exec. Subsequent positions at IBM, Control Data & KPMG afforded Don the opportunity to gain valuable experience with some of the largest & most successful solutions cos in the world. Don has also held management positions & participated in four successful IPOs with Bachman Info Systems, SEER Technologies, Giga Information Group & Sapiens, Inc. After serving as interim President & COO of two Southern Software companies, Don founded Fresh Eyes Consulting in 2003. Since that time Don has been focused on the implementation of Sales Effectiveness programs & has worked closely with companies like, Cisco Systems, NetApp, Rockwell Automation and a host of other technology-focused organizations. Don has been an Atlanta resident since 1981 He holds a Pilot’s License & flies regularly. View Guest page

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CJ Warstler

CJ Warstler, CEO & Founder of DecisionPoint Selling™, is uniquely prepared to help organizations improve sales performance with 30 years of experience in sales, sales mgmt, and sales process consulting. Exposure to 100’s of sales organizations and 1,000s of salespeople, along the real world experience implementing sales process within supporting CRM allows him to think differently than most all sales consultants.
CJ was Director of Global Sales Performance at Compuware Corporation where he enabled account planning disciplines and helped teams identify gaps and develop plans to win deals through consistent opportunity review processes. He guided sales management teams on important aspects of pipeline management and enabled the consistent inspection of verifiable outcomes to create accountability and ensure accuracy of all SFDC reporting.
CJ also spent over 14 years at Sales Performance International where he co-developed several versions of the Solution Selling® sales methodology. View Guest page

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Tom Ziglar

20 years as the CEO of The Zig Ziglar Corporation and Ziglar, Inc. Greatest Work Passion: Ziglar Legacy Certification (ZLC). “I love ZLC because it is the fulfillment of the Zig Ziglar Legacy. Our first certification class was in November of 2013 and we now have 115 certified trainers in 12 countries certified to teach our legendary programs. Thousands of lives are being impacted by our certified speakers and trainers every month, and the numbers just keep growing as we continue to certify more people every year.” Tom Ziglar • Personal Mission Statement: “My mission is to help you become significant by equipping you to help others become significant.” Tom Ziglar View Guest page

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