Up, up and Away - Taking off With Ren Xue

April 3, 2017
Hosted by Jackie Blunt, Kathy Fogarty and Bill McMillan

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Guests Bill McMillan, a retired psychotherapist and Secretary of Ren Xue of the Americas, and Sally Hinds, President of Ren Xue of the Americas talk about how they work with Ren Xue in their communities and around the globe. Sally has a business and systems background, and talks about Ren Xue as a whole, its integrity and efficacy, and some of the changes she has seen in her own life. Bill, talks about the activities Ren Xue teachers do in the Bay area, California, helping people with cancer, in rest homes, with visual impairment and more, and the impact these classes have had on people. They also discuss Ren Xue’s global activities, from Norway to South Africa, including at home learning programmes, online and local classes, and teacher training by DVD or in person in New Zealand and Sweden. Books on the philosophy of balance embodied in Ren Xue are currently being translated into several languages in order to help bring peace and health back into the heart of humanity.

Chaos to Calm

Archives Available on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel

Chaos to Calm is a show about learning to live in a calm, relaxed and natural state, better able to deal with the challenges of daily life. We’ll introduce you to Ren Xue, a comprehensive path to wellbeing developed by Yuan Tze. Its primary tool is Yuan Gong, an innovative form of Qigong, which is gentle exercise and meditation that integrates movement, posture, breathing, energy and awareness. Ren Xue combines work on the body and energy, or Qi, with work on the mind and heart. The practices are enjoyable and easy to learn and have improved the health and wellbeing of people all over the world.

You’ll meet some of the people whose lives have been turned around by Ren Xue, people recovering from physical illness, or who have repaired their relationships, or who have found a deeper meaning through their Ren Xue practice. You’ll get insights into the theory and practical aspects of how the mind, body and Qi can work together to bring about real change.

Jackie Blunt, Kathy Fogarty and Bill McMillan

The three of us are very different and, although we all have professional careers (Kathy as a Naturopath, Jackie as an M.D., Bill as a Marriage and Family Therapist), our real expertise is simply as human beings whose lives have been immeasurably improved by Ren Xue.

For us, and many others, Ren Xue has been a path to a more meaningful life, greater health and happiness and an enhanced sense of harmony and wellbeing. Along the way, physical ailments have disappeared or greatly improved, and our relationships with others have changed.

So, through this show, we want to share with you our experiences, and those of others, to introduce you to Ren Xue, the theories supporting it and the practical aspects to getting started.

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