Mike Rogers of SCI and Noble Hathaway of the ASRPA

July 21, 2017
Hosted by Kelly McMillan

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Our first guest is Mike Rogers, a recognized and respected industry professional in the exciting world of hunting and fishing. Mike is developing new motion picture content on multiple projects and is a keynote speaker at special events throughout the country.

Next up is Noble Hathaway, a key player in the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association. He has been very active in the ASRPA, serving in several positions including President. When he is not shooting, he is a financial advisor in the banking environment, an ordained Christian minister and a professional jazz musician heading up the Prescott Jazz and Swing Conservatory in Prescott.

Taking Stock with Kelly McMillan

Taking Stock with Kelly McMillan

Friday at 11 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Sports Channel

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks (MFS) began on the dining room table of Gale and Gloria McMillan in 1973. Making benchrest stocks for competitors soon forced the business into what started out as a carport and storage shed but was soon turn into a garage shop. By 1975 MFS was ready to hire its first employee, Kelly McMillan. From day one, every time Gale showed Kelly how to do something, it became his job, with the intent of freeing up Gale to build rifles.

By 1979 Kelly was made a partner, and by 1984 Kelly was in charge of running the stock shop. Since that time MFS has continued to grow with innovation and design. Today McMillan Fiberglass Stocks has a 15,000 sq. ft. facility and 65 employees. Over half of the employees have worked for MFS for over 15 years while a dozen have reached or are near 30 years with the company. MFS manufactures around 12,000 stocks per year, most of which are individual customers ordering one custom built stock at a time.

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Kelly McMillan

Kelly McMillan

Kelly McMillan started working for his father Gale McMillan shortly after the company began in 1975. He immediately started learning all aspects of manufacturing fiberglass stock from design to marketing as well as personnel management. Under his guidance, the company has grown continuously setting new company records for sales and number of stocks produced nearly every year. In 2016 MFS surpassed the 12,000 stock total for the year and set a new annual sales record.

In his spare time, Kelly is an avid saltwater fisherman having fished the waters off Baja, Panama and Nicaragua. In addition, he has hunted all over North America as well as South Africa and Mozambique. He is a lifetime member of the NRA, Wild Sheep Foundation, Arizona Bighorn Sheep Society, Dallas Safari Club, Safari Club International, National Sporting Clays Association and the National Predator Hunters Association. He routinely sponsors shooting competitions as well as Shooters in many different disciplines.

He has competed in Sporting Clays at the National as well as Sportsman Team Challenge where he and his team won the B Class National Championship. Today he enjoys hunting with his children and his grandchildren.

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July 2017

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  • 7/21/2017: Mike Rogers of SCI and Noble Hathaway of the ASRPA Listen Now
  • 7/14/2017: F-Class World Championship in Canada and Stock Bedding Listen Now
  • 7/7/2017: King of 2 Mile and Sierra Bullets Listen Now

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Charles Allen

Charles Allen, a commercial pilot and Master Guide in Alaska is owner of The Alaska Expedition Co as well as Knives of Alaska and DiamondBlade Knives. His background and career is centered around wildlife. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Forestry and Master’s Degree in wildlife biology. He worked as a biologist for 13 years both in private industry and later as the Director of the Wildlife Division for Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. He is the recipient of numerous conservation awards, taught graduate level courses to university students in wildlife conservation and authored numerous technical papers on wildlife management topics. He holds several U.S. Patents, the most recent for advancements in improving knife blade performance through friction forging. View Guest page

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Scott Alswang

Mr. Alswang is a world traveled security expert having provided protection services for US Presidents, Heads of State, Dignitaries, and ongoing, high profile global executives and prominent individuals.
During his 20 years in the United States Secret Service, Scott protected every U.S. President from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush. Scott also conducted protective advances for every major foreign head of state that visited the US.
Mr. Alswang routinely oversees protective advances in his present position with SOS Security LLC and is an integral participant in the continued growth of the corporation.
Scott Alswang was elected Director of the Association of the Former Agents of the United States Secret Service in 2009. The AFAUSS is a fraternal and charitable organization comprised of 3,200 former US Secret Service Agents.
Scott is also an owner of SOS Security LLC and regularly appears on national/international TV and Radio to speak about security issues. View Guest page

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Len Backus

In 2001 Len Backus founded - the premier long range hunting and shooting website in the world with 100,000 members.
In his youth Len developed a 25 unit restaurant chain. Later, he created the highest volume luxury home building business in Wisconsin.
In the first ten years of his “retirement” Len, with his wife and 2 sons, has developed his “hobby” website further to include the online LRH Store selling optics, clothing and specialty gear. He also manufactures precision long range rifles and co-presents long range shooting classes in the mountains of Wyoming.
Len has hunted in many western states plus Alaska, Canada and Mexico. Len hunted with camera on several private African photo safaris.
As a means of staying in shape for mountain hunting (at age 71) Len backpacks in the off-season. In 2017 his 7 backpack trips in the western mountains will clock 200 total miles. View Guest page

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Robbie Barrkman

Barrkman, who is originally from South Africa, having served in their Defense Forces as a Company Sergeant Major, immigrated to the United Sates in 1977 to join Gunsite as an Instructor.
During a 9 year tenure at Gunsite as Instructor and Range Master, he became an accomplished gunsmith due to the experience he gained working on students’ guns to keep them running during the classes. When he left in 1986, he formed The Robar Companies Inc. and shortly thereafter, CTI – Coating Technologies Inc.
While building two successful businesses, Robbie continued sharing his knowledge as an Adjunct Instructor at Thunder Ranch until they relocated to Oregon in 2004. View Guest page

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Bob Beck

Bob Beck – Formerly a Land Developer, by trade, in the Greater Northwest. Born and raised in Oregon, his hunting career originated over 25 years ago. His Western Big Game hunts have included High Country Mule Deer, Rocky Mountain and Roosevelt Elk, Coastal Black Tail and Black Bear, Antelope and Northern Whitetail, in addition to several species in Africa, South America, New Zealand and Canada.
One of his greatest hunting experiences was solo backpacking into Wyoming’s backcountry with the end result being a 192-inch High Country Mule Deer. Most recently, he went on an Alpine heli-hunt in New Zealand, where he took his first ever Bull Tahr.
Among his long range hunting accomplishments are a confirmed 1,380 yard kill on an antelope, an 1,201 yard kill on a Rocky Mountain Elk, an 885 yard kill on a Coastal Black Bear and a couple Texas Whitetail’s at the 1,100 yard mark. Most recently Bob took his first ever 200-inch Mule Deer on the famous Bair Ranch in Colorado. View Guest page

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Bryce Bergen

Bryce Bergen is a competitive precision rifle shooter and the Creator behind Long Range Shooters of Utah, LLC. Bryce learned to work hard & play hard growing up in Evanston, Wyoming as the son of a general contractor and President of the Wyoming Wildlife Federation. For him "Sports" were pack trips, hunting, fly fishing, boating, scuba diving, flying small planes and jumping over cars!

After serving a French speaking LDS mission in Montreal, Bryce attended BYU on a high jumping scholarship where his best leap of 7 ft 1.5 inches landed him in the NCAA Championship & the BYU All Time Top Ten List. As a graduation gift Dad bought him his first "long range rifle" a Rem 700 XCR 300 Win Mag and soon after, the YouTube videos & Facebook group he's become famous for were born. He lives with his beautiful wife Kathy and three young kids in Alpine, Utah where he sells software by day & runs LRSU by night. View Guest page

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Scott Bissett

Scott Bissett is serving as the Match Director for the 2017 ICFRA F-Class World Championships, and Canadian F-Class Nationals. He is the father of 3 young children (Abby, Isla, and Sam) and husband to a very understanding wife (Carla). In addition to his volunteer work with the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association, Scott is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Armstrong Monitoring, an Ottawa-based life safety company. In 2012 Scott was approached by the DCRA to take on the organization of the 2017 F-Class World Championships, being held at Connaught Ranges. Working with the DCRA staff and other volunteers, Scott is preparing to help host nearly 500 of the best F-Class shooters in the World, including many younger shooters who are competing in the first ever Under 25 F-Class World Championships. View Guest page

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Freddie Blish

Originally from Springfield, Vermont, LtCol Blish graduated from Springfield High in 1982 and graduated from Norwich University at Northfield, Vermont in 1986 and commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. He retired from the Marine Corps in May 2007, having commanded at the Platoon, Company, and Battalion level with two tours in Iraq, as well as tours at Marine Forces Pacific Command, Marine Forces Central Command, and Headquarters Marine Corps.
Freddie has since been the Director of Military Business Development for Aimpoint Inc from 2007 to 2011, Director of Government Sales for LaRue Tactical from 2011 to 2012, a Contractor for SOC for 2012 to 2013, General Manager of ROBAR Companies 2013 to 2016, Owner/CEO of Patriot Products AZ, LLC (manufacturer of the Combat Optic Tool and Combat Sight Tool), and Owner/President of ROBAR Companies as of April 2016. View Guest page

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Craig Boddington

Craig Boddington was born and raised in Kansas where his big-game experience in the mid-1960's included pronghorn and mule deer in Wyoming, whitetail and mule deer in Kansas, and mule deer in Colorado. His outdoor writing career began in college and continued while on active duty in the USMC. He’s penned more than 4000 magazine articles and authored 23 books on hunting and shooting
He’s hunted big game in more than 30 American states, seven Canadian provinces, and five Mexican states hunting all varieties of North American big game except jaguar, walrus, and polar bear. Craig has also been on 104 African safaris, including hunting in: Kenya, Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Tanzania, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Central African Republic, Chad, Cameroon, Ghana, Tunisia, and Uganda. He is the only living American journalist who has hunted Africa's Big Five. View Guest page

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Dan Bramley

Dan Bramley was born and raised in Mesa Arizona and went to play baseball at Eastern New Mexico University, earning a Bachelors Degree in Science in 1996. From New Mexico he continued his education at Colorado State University earning a Doctorate Degree in Veterinary Medicine in 2000. After graduation Dan returned home to his Native Arizona and began his veterinary practice.
In 2014 Dan Started shooting competitively with his first ever match being the 2014 Berger Southwest Nationals. Since then Dan has competed in various competitions shooting in the F-Open category.
Dan continues to enjoy his shooting as a member of the United States F-Open Rifle team and member of the Long Shots team. He also continues to enjoy the success of his 15 year old daughter Madison, who hold a National Record in Midrange and multiple records in the Berger Southwest Nationals. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Jeff Brozovich

Jeff Brozovich is a long time big game hunter who has become proficient at long range hunting, shooting and training. He also has a passion for ELR and is often stretching the distances well over 2500 yards. If Jeff is not out shooting, you will often find him in his reloading room setting up a long range rifle, fine tuning a precision load or testing bullets.
Jeff enjoys hunting with family and friends as well as riding horses in the beautiful mountains of Montana. This lifetime passion of Jeff's has led him down the road to his latest venture.
Four years ago Jeff decided there was a need for a Long Range specific on line forum. This was the birth of, a forum based website with a library filled with written and video gear reviews, Long Range Hunting articles, and Coverage of the ELR quest. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Neal Curry

After 2 tours in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan with his Ranger unit, Neal left the military and moved on to the private sector. Neal conducted an additional 2 tours in Iraq as a Personal Security Specialist. In between, Neal worked for a company called SRATS (Specialized Reconnaissance Assault Transport System) in Special Projects. He helped in the production of the SRATS A1, a vehicle designed for Special Operations units in Afghanistan. Neal started Ready Gunner to help those who serve this country, and other patriots to receive training, and equipment needed to achieve their goals and above all stay safe. With over 2 million followers across its social media platforms, Ready Gunner is now one of the most well-known firearm retailers in the industry. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Aaron Davidson

Aaron Davidson has been involved in long range shooting since he traded in his high school Camaro for his first precision rifle. As a mechanical engineer, his training and experience has given him a unique insight into solving the problems presented with long range shooting. He started Gunwerks in 2006. His inventions range from rifle stocks and actions to ballistic turrets, software, reticles, and ballistic compensating rangefinders. His work in video production for television and shooting tips is unmatched in the industry. No one has accomplished more to make Long Range Shooting so easy and accessible to the average guy. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Frank DeSomma

Frank began his career in aerospace manufacturing and after 30 years, started Patriot Ordnance Factory in 2002. He firmly believes in manufacturing symbols of Freedom that he refers to as the “Ultimate Fighting Machines”. He wants our fellow brothers in arms to be proud of, and own, the finest most durable and accurate firearms made by American Patriots for American Patriots. Frank promotes patriotism while selling the Symbols of Freedom that he manufactures. The American flag and “God Bless America” is engraved on every one of POF’s firearms.
He’s proud to be an American with the ability to manufacture products engineered to defend us against tyrants and tyranny, while easily used for hunting, competitive shooting, and personal protection. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Bud Fini

Born in Brideport CT, Bud Fini spent 4 years serving at the Elmendorf AFB in Alaska. Those years increased Bud’s passion for hunting as he harvested sheep, goat, caribou, small game and ptarmigan.
Bud joined Remington Arms in 1976 in a field sales position finally holding the position of Head of the Firearms Group when he left in 1996 after the company was sold.
He’s worked for Mossberg, Savage Arms, Perrazzi USA, Rizzini USA and then came back to SIG as VP of Marketing. He is now the Executive VP of Ammunition and Special Projects to the CEO, while also managing the SigSauer Academy.
Mr. Fini is an avid hunter and shooter, travelling to competitions in his 5th wheel with his wife, across the nation. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Frank Galli

Frank Galli founded Sniper’s Hide in 2000. He is a former USMC Scout Sniper having graduated from the School at Stone’s Bay in 1986. Mr. Galli was stationed at Camp Lejeune with 1st Battalion 2nd Marines and then participated in both Operations Earnest Will and Praying Mantis as a Sniper with MAGTF 2-88.
Currently he teaches precision rifle classes worldwide as well as offering online training lessons as part of the Sniper’s Hide website. His videos have received over 4 Million views. Frank is an active Long Range shooter and competitor, and was an adjunct Instructor at Rifles Only from 2003 to 2011. Currently he resides outside Denver Colorado. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Jon Geib

During Jonathan’s 11 year US Army carrier he graduated from many elite schools to include the US Army Ranger School and the US Army Sniper School. He has served as a Sniper, Sniper Team Leader, Sniper Section Leader, and Pre-Ranger Instructor. These experiences helped pave the way towards a new business Partnership: JJ Rock Co.
JJ Rock Co. was co-founded by Jonathan and other industry -leading experts in machining and distribution. JJ Rock Co.’s initial Offering to the Public will be high-end, custom rifle actions and full custom rifle builds. This initial goal will help JJ Rock Co. offer a quality, American-made product that will assist, prepare, and equip the men and women of our US Armed Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Civilian Shooters. View Guest page

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Mary Hagen

A 24-year-old entrepreneur and multi-business owner, Mary Hagen has her sights set on the outdoors industry. Through her grassroots apparel company, Mary has opened doors to shooting and other outdoors sports for women in unique and defining ways.
After years of wearing men’s gear to participate in her own hobbies (bow hunting, recreational shooting, etc.), Mary took control of the issue at hand, and began designing a solution. Less than a year later, the most effective, practical and fashionable gear and the only digital camouflage made just for women in the US was designed, and she called it Hagen Hunting. The rest is history!
Hagen believes that by making the outdoors more accessible for women through the apparel and gear available to them, the sporting industry will see the day when women lead the charge in hunting and shooting sports. View Guest page

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Iain Harrison

Harrison was born in the United Kingdom. He served as a recce platoon commander for the British Army. He moved to the United States and started working as a construction manager in Sherwood, Oregon after being forced to surrender his guns to the UK government, while pursuing competitive shooting.
In 2009, Harrison finished second in Trooper Class in the 2009 MGM Ironman multi-gun competition. Being an amateur gunsmith, the guns he used during the competition were made by himself. Harrison worked for Crimson Trace at this time. In December 2011, Harrison gained US citizenship.
Harrison became the editor of RECOIL in January 2013 to bring a strong Second Amendment viewpoint to the magazine; he writes several articles for each issue as well. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Jim Hartsock

Jim dove into taxidermy at the age of 14 when he found an ad to “learn taxidermy” in the back of Boy’s Life magazine. Although the correspondence course has been around for years and many have taken it. Jim realized there must be an easier way, so he learned all he could from various sources, books, video tapes, and talking to anyone he could about the subject. In the 1980’s he found the Arizona Taxidermy Artist Association where he continued to improve his skills thru seminars and classes. Jim competed at the State, Regional, and Nationals winning numerous 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and many others awards. He won the National Taxidermist “Award of excellence” with a baby cottontail. His taxidermy studio is one of the largest in the state, with 5 employees including his wife Annette and his son Cody. Southwest Wildlife mounts trophies from all over the world. Taxidermy has been an obsession with Jim almost his whole life. So the saying “Where an obsession became a profession” fits perfectly. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Bob Harvey

Bob Harvey is the President & Chief Instructor of the South Florida Gun School Since 1987. A Veteran Marine, he served as Primary Marksmanship Instructor, Embassy Guard, PPSU, Firearms Instructor, and OCS Range NCO.
As an NRA Training Counselor, he trains those who go on to become NRA Instructors in multiple disciplines. Bob himself has been an NRA Instructor for 39 years and holds certifications in Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Chief Range Safety Officer, Home Firearm Safety, Personal Protection, Refuse To Be A Victim, Personal Protection Inside the Home and Personal Protection Outside the Home.
He is also an instructor in Florida Hunter Safety and Education, and serves as a Court Expert Firearms Witness. View Guest page

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Noble Hathaway

Noble has been shooting his entire life and still has the .22 rifle his father gave him. He’s been an NRA member since early teens and was an avid Pheasant, Dove, and Quail Hunter in High School where he taught many of the NRA fundamentals of gun safety.
He began serious NRA High Power Competition in 1991 at various ranges across the State, achieving NRA Master Class NRA High Power Rating in 1996 with an M1A
Noble has been very active in the ASRPA, serving in several positions including President. He is an NRA Training Counselor, Rifle and Pistol Instructor, Chief Range Safety Officer, Refuse to be a victim instructor, Home Firearm Safety and Personal Protection in the Home , and NRA Handloading Instructor.
When he is not shooting, he has been a financial advisor in the banking environment for almost three decades. Noble is also an ordained Christian minister and a professional jazz musician heading up the Prescott Jazz and Swing Conservatory in Prescott. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Terry Herndon

Terry Herndon is an Arizona native who was raised in Phoenix and now lives in Wittmann, AZ. Terry has been an All American Wrestler, a Firefighter/EMT and has worked in construction, aerospace and now Conservation. Terry has a BS/BM degree from the University of Phoenix.
Terry has been an integral part of the growth of the Mule Deer Foundation in Arizona, raising the awareness of the threats of our declining mule deer herds, and working with state and federal organizations to enhance the areas where our mule deer live.
He was awarded the Mentor of the Year from the Arizona Game and Fish Department for his unwavering support of introducing youth in Arizona to the outdoors. Terry works full time with the Mule Deer Foundation as a conservationist, fundraiser and liaison to our state and federal groups to benefit mule deer in Arizona. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Darrel Holland

Worked at Gunsite for two years. First Gunsite Gunsmith, taught defensive shooting. Designed and developed sights and safeties for 1911's Browning HiPowers. Developed first AR and Ruger 10-22 heavy barrels in 1977. Designed muzzle brakes and barrel tuners for rifles. Early pioneer in reticle technology (Advanced Reticle Technology) in Leupold and Schmidt & Bender scopes. Advisory Panel Gunsmith for VHA magazine. Shooting Editor for Trail of The Sportsman Magazine. Contributor to Nosler Reloading manuals. Produced training DVDs for American Gunsmithing Institute. Teaches L/R shooting at his Oregon and Texas facilities. Designed the first L/H windage dial on Schmidt & Bender rifle scopes in 2002. Holder of several patents related to the shooting and survival industry. Manufactures complete line of hunting and shooting products. NRA, VHA and SCI Life Member. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Sandi Keller

Sandi Keller is the designer and owner of OffHand Gear. With an extensive background in - oh heck she’s a woman, her background is pretty typical, work, kids, errands, cleaning, cooking . . . yada, yada, yada. And, yes, she found that learning to shoot a gun was a heck of a lot of fun!
Like many women, this love of guns and desire to train had her raising her hands to the sky exclaiming “Why isn’t anyone creating things to make this easier?!!” So, with big girl panties on and rolled up sleeves, she set out to fill a void in the gun industry - design badass gear for women!
Since those early OffHand Gear days in 2012, she has designed and developed original, American made products, like NORB (No Ordinary Range Bag), NORM (No Ordinary Range Mat) and some very unique AR15 hand guards. Her beautiful hand guards make any AR look like a piece of art while proving tough & purposeful in design. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Ian Klemm

Being interested in all things related to precision marksmanship from an early age, Ian fostered a career in the US Defense Industry, specializing in weapon, munition, armor, and sighting system design. Ian started shooting F-class in 2010 and, since then, has earned a seventh-place finish or better, individually, in four of the last five F-class US National Championships. He has broken a few US National Records along the way and has helped win gold medals while team shooting in the East Coast Nationals, the Southwest Nationals, the Canadian Nationals, and the US Nationals. Ian is currently training for the 2017 World F-Class Championship with the US Rifle Team. When not competing, Ian enjoys metal and woodworking, and building his own rifles. Ian currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin with his lovely and supportive wife, Beka, and works as a Senior Engineer for Vortex Optics. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Bennet Langlotz

Ben Langlotz is the nation’s leading firearms patent and trademark attorney, the gun patent lawyer. He is trusted by more firearms industry companies than any other lawyer or law firm in the nation, and is consistently ranked at the top of all attorneys in securing gun patents and gun trademarks. Nearly every firearms industry CEO has a copy of Ben’s essential book The Bulletproof Firearms Business – The Legal Secrets to Success Under Fire, which is the best-selling book on intellectual property law for firearms business owners. Ben’s insights into the law and politics of the firearms industry are followed each month by thousands of gun industry leaders who receive Ben’s Bulletproof® Firearms Business monthly newsletter. There’s a good reason why the industry’s biggest names like Steve Hornady, Ronnie Barrett, Aaron Hogue, and Kelly McMillan reach for Ben’s newsletter each month. Through his newsletter, firearms inventors and new start-ups will gain access to industry insight. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Greg Latka

At 13, Greg started in manufacturing at what he thought would be a summer job with his family owned business. It led to a full time forever career taking him to where he is today. He has manufactured items for aerospace, military, and machine tool workings - using many materials including exotic - during his 52 years in the industry. Guns are a passion. At 21 years old, Latka began collecting ANY AND ALL, leading him to obtain his FFL and SOT in 1985 and that’s when he started designing his own suppressors. In 1991, Greg held his first patent. As of today, he holds seven, with four more in process. In 1993, GSL Technology was founded and in 1994, he bought in to Gemtech, becoming a partner, later becoming president, and holding that title for over 20 years. In 2016, it was time to break off from Gemtech and go out on his own. GSL is a fully equipped ISO 9001 certified facility located in a 25,000-square foot building. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Jim Lawrence

Jim Lawrence serves on the MDF Board of Directors and wears many hats with MDF locally in Arizona as well having served as Chapter Chairman, State Chairman, Project Review Committee (PRC) Chairman and on the MDF Arizona Leadership Committee. Most weekends, you will find Jim and his MDF volunteers out in a remote area of Arizona, developing a new natural water spring, converting existing windmills with more efficient solar panels or removing old barbed wire fencing which is unfriendly to wildlife. Jim also received the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s (AZGFD) 2016 “Conservationist of the Year Award. Jim is also the liaison for MDF and AZGFD’s Adopt-A-Ranch program. This program brings ranchers and wildlife groups together for the common goal of wildlife conservation.
MDF is one of the most efficient, highest ranked non–profits in America, with over 92% of its revenue going towards on the ground projects. In 2016 alone, MDF spent over 6 million dollars to support its mission. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Shari LeGate

Shari LeGate, a 12-year USA Shooting Team member is a 3x National Champions and 2x World Champion. Formerly Executive Director of the Women’s Shooting Sports Foundation, LeGate was instrumental in introducing women to the shooting sports receiving the honor or being named Shooting Industry Person of the Year in 2001 for her efforts.
Involved in broadcasting her entire career, LeGate currently works for FMG Publications, heading up FMG Video Productions, Hosting her own show, “Quick Hit” on the FMG Publications YouTube channel, she writes and produces shooting industry related videos. In addition, she has a column in GUNS Magazine, “GAME ON”, covering the competitive shooting sports and is a regular contributor to American Handgunner and Shooting Industry Magazines with columns on the outdoors. She is also the target sports analyst for NBC Sports for the Olympic Games. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Bryan Litz

Bryan Litz has spent the majority of his shooting career in the Palma discipline where he’s won numerous regional, national and international level matches in addition to holding many national records. Most notable was winning the Queens Prize in Australia, 2010. As a firing member on 3 winning America’s Match US Palma Teams, Bryan is a seasoned team member and knows how a team needs to work in order to win at the highest levels.
In 2002, Bryan earned his degree in aerospace engineering from Penn State University and spent the next 6 years working on air-to-air missile design with the US Air Force. After that, he was lucky enough to land a job with Berger Bullets as Chief Ballistician. Bryan later went on to found Applied Ballistics where he works as a ballistician; testing and reporting on all things related to long range shooting and external ballistics.
Bryan lives in rural Michigan with his wife and 4 kids. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Wyatt Mahan

Wyatt Mahan, the owner of Kilo Guns, has been gunsmithing in the Phoenix area since 2011, specializing in custom military rifles (AK and HK style guns) as well as Cerakote refinishing. Wyatt is a combat veteran who served as a Machinegunner with Kilo Co 3rd BN 7th Marines and deployed to Iraq for OIF I and OIF II. Wyatt is also a Yavapai College gunsmith graduate. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Will McCloskey

Will is a 44yrs old father of four: Sabella-8, Hannah-5, Charlotte-3, and William III-5 weeks at Showtime! He moved to Star, Idaho in April of 2016 from Fresno CA where his family has been since homesteading in 1881.

A self-taught welder and carpenter (it's all just math and common sense) Will worked in the trades most of his adult life. Will owned a hot rod shop from 2001-2009 specializing in custom chassis/suspension and metal work. When the economy turned, he closed the shop and went into industrial construction with a focus on sanitary stainless steel fabrication for food processing plants.

Will has been shooting since he was 6yrs old and took up F-class competition in 2011, mentored by Tom Luhman (gunsmith/competitive shooter) of Clovis CA.

Will started Cerus Rifleworks in Feb 2017 after a year of designing stock shapes, building the shop, and working out the manufacturing process. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Greg Medford

Greg Medford is a native Arizonan, ardent patriot and is obsessed with manufacturing as the core of America. The values of pragmatism, hard work, honesty and treating people right were instilled early by his family. Greg brings Yankee ingenuity, Western Freedom, and high-tech aerospace to an intersection of form and function that puts smiles on faces. As a husband and father, Greg knows how important it is to have the very best tools to get you back to your loved ones. When a knife leaves the Factory all of these influences bear forth in the final product. There is a special place in his heart for anyone who needs a knife for the things required in warfare and he brings his first-hand experience to the design and making of these special blades. • Life-long martial artist • Commercial pilot • Professional Surface-level airshow stunt pilot • Former 0311 Marine & Gulf War veteran View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Ryan Melancon

Ryan is the online sales manager for McMillan Fiberglass Stocks. He has worked for McMillan for over 13 years, in every facet and department of McMillan. Keeping a pulse on the industry, Ryan researches new products and accessories for purchase in the McMillan online retail store as well as what type of stocks and inlets to inventory. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Regina Milkovich

Regina Milkovich is currently the top female in the Precision Rifle Series and has been since the series began in 2012. Last year, Regina became the first female to win an overall in a national level tactical precision rifle match when she took 1st place at the NorCal Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge in April. She finished the 2016 season in 23rd place overall after many top 10 finishes in competitions around the country. When she’s not practicing for upcoming competitions, she can usually be found at the range training newer shooters or in the reloading room she shares with her husband, Tim. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Tim Milkovich

Tim is a US Military veteran with 12 years of service. He served in the Infantry, as Military Police Officer and Firearms Instructor. Tim has been a Deputy Sheriff for the last 12.5 years currently assigned to the Training Division. His assignments have been in Court Security, Patrol, Special Assignment Unit (SAU) and at the range as an instructor and armorer. He’s also been a competitive shooter for 30 years in some sort of shooting sport having competed in Bullseye, Pistol Silhouette, IPSC/USPSA, 3gun and now mainly in precision rifle. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Buz Mills

Buz Mills, a USMC Veteran, has served on the Board of Director NRA since 2009 and is the President of Gunsite Academy, Inc., the world’s oldest, largest privately owned firearms training facility, training USMC/Special Operations personnel deploying to Middle East, law enforcement and civilians. Buz is a lifetime hunter, gun collector and competitive shooter (IPSC national competitor). Buz is also a political activist/lobbyist, supporting local, state, national pro-2A candidates. View Guest page

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Larry Nelson

Larry Nelson was born and raised in AZ (3rd Generation). After High School, he started work as a draftsman and after 12 years held the position of electrical design engineer. An early midlife crisis hit and he joined the Phoenix Fire Department and will be retiring in June of this year.
In 1995 Larry launched the Phoenix Regional Sportsman Team Challenge match which in turn introduced him to Kelly McMillan, Rock McMillan and Bob Marvel. In 1998 he apprenticed with Bob Marvel, building custom 1911 pistols and continues to spend time each year in Bob's shop.
In 2011, his relationship with Bob Marvel and Rock McMillan led to a project to redesign and improve Bob's original 1911 to .22 conversion. Larry then formed Nelson Custom Guns, LLC and began prototyping and testing. In 2012, he began producing conversions for sale. View Guest page

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Freddy Osuna

Combat Tracking Subject Matter Expert, Mr. Freddy Osuna is a trusted authority on the subject of visual tracking and is the published author of “Index Tracking- Essential Guide to Trailing Man and Beast,” 2012. He is also a contributing writer to Breach Bang Clear, Recoil Magazine and various other military and law enforcement related publications. His knowledge is based on a foundation of real-world deployments and formal Combat Tracking instructor experience with U.S. and allied militaries, federal, state, and municipal law enforcement entities. Osuna’s innovative approach to teaching the craft of visual tracking and sensory awareness is turning heads among the nation’s top hard skills trainers. Osuna harnesses his Native American and Marine Corps culture to deliver holistic, powerful, and scientific based lessons steeped in North American tracker lineage. View Guest page

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Jonathan Owen

Co-Founder of Special Hunting Weapons And Tactics™, Jonathan Owen didn’t grow up hunting. The 4-H shooting sports program opened the door to shooting basic air rifles on an improvised range set up inside his parents’ house. After college, a friend invited Jonathan to go white tail hunting in Texas. After five freezing outings cloaked in unbroken silence with seemingly no deer in the same zip code, Jonathan concluded hunting wasn’t for him. Some years later Jonathan got dragged out on a hog hunt, the kind where a Texas farmer is on a mission to rid his golden wheat fields of feral hogs. The kind of hunt where an AR-15 and 30 round magazines are much more reasonable than grandpa’s .30-06. The excitement around that experience ultimately lead to the creation of where contributors and fans share the enjoyment of shooting, hunting, adventure and the technology that enhances it. View Guest page

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Paul Phillips

Paul Phillips is the Adjutant of the US Rifle Team. He served in the United States Marine Corp as an Infantryman and earned his Combat Action Ribbon. After the service, Paul earned a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University while also winning the 1996 NRA Long Range Collegiate Championship. Later, he graduated top of his class in FBI sniper school. Since then, he has won Gold Medals as a shooting member of both the 2009 and 2013 World Championship teams, four America Match teams and Ten National Championship teams. Paul has set, tied or broken over 45 NRA National Shooting Records and earned his International Distinguished Shooting Badge #19 in 2016. Paul started shooting ELR in 2016, and won the King of 2 Miles as the wind coach. His contagious interest, and success, in pushing the boundaries of ELR has helped generate growing interest in the sport! View Guest page

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Carroll Pilant

Carroll Pilant went to work for Sierra Bullets as a Ballistic Technician in early 1992 and in 2004 was promoted to the position of Media Relations Manager. He has been reloading over 55 years and is an avid hunter, having hunted in 24 states, two Canadian provinces and Africa. He has shot competitively for over 40 years in a wide discipline of matches, and traveling as far as Brazil. He has been a NRA life member since 1980 and is now a Benefactor member. View Guest page

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Randy Powell

Randy Powell is Owner and Operator of Thunder Ammo & Arms in Hominy Oklahoma, a family business that Randy started as a hobby in 2006 to pursue competing in the FCSA 50 BMG matches. Randy attended his first FCSA match in the Fall of 2008 and was hooked. In 2010, Randy became Match Director of the Spring and Fall regional matches in Raton, NM. He is in his third term as an FCSA Board Member and will serve as its next President. Randy’s passion for long-range shooting has led him to develop bullets with superior flight characteristics, chambers designed around the profile of his bullets, which has resulted in him and his sons, Andrew and Mason, winning multiple World Championship titles. Randy’s new passion is ELR (extreme long range) shooting, that has led to further development of longer and higher BC bullets, faster twist barrels, and he has also helped other companies develop their products. View Guest page

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Emil Praslick

SFC (Retired) Emil Praslick is recently retired from the United States Army, where he served as the Head Coach of the United States Army Marksmanship Unit. Emil has also been the Head Coach of the US National Long Range Rifle Team, and a coach on the US F-Class National Team. In his Military career, Emil amassed more team wins than any coach in US Military shooting history, as well as 20 National and International records, and 33 Inter-Service Rifle Championships. Emil was also responsible for many of the advanced training techniques and marksmanship training doctrine currently in use by the US Army, specializing in long range shooting and wind reading. A 2008 Sports Illustrated article said that Emil “may well be the best wind reader in the world.” He is currently the Business Development Manager for Tactical Sales for Berger Bullets and still an active long range shooter and coach. View Guest page

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Steven Reichert

Steve Reichert is a retired combat wounded Marine having served in the infantry with special duty assignments in Pakistan, Russia and Turkey. He was instrumental in the development and fielding of the DARPA XM-3 sniper rifle, and is the man who was behind McMillian creating the A1-3 stock. Steve was the driving force behind T1G, one of our Nation’s largest Special Operations training centers. The training programs established under his watch enabled the company to grow from a start-up to an industry leader in just three years. His company was directly responsible for training over eight thousand of our nation’s top tier forces during his tenure as CEO. Steve now works on integrating technologies to develop innovative technological products that directly benefit the special operations community as well as other agencies. View Guest page

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Derek Rodgers

Derek Rodgers is a former F-Class National Champion, record holder, and one of the most decorated FTR shooters of all time. He is from Albuquerque, NM and calls the Land of Enchantment home. As a child, he was introduced to shooting by his father. His passion for hunting and marksmanship continued to grow through his formative years. He is part of the award winning multi-time National Championship Team Sinclair and also participated on the 2013 Team USA squad that took home the Gold Medal at the World Championship match held in Raton, NM. Derek is also the only person to win both F-Class divisions at a national level event. Most recently Rodgers won the 2017 King of 2 Miles match held in Raton, NM and did so by being the first person to hit the 2 mile target. Rodgers enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and two daughters. He is blessed by his faith and supported by his family. His goal is to be able to pass on what he has learned to the next generation. View Guest page

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Mike Rogers

Mike Rogers is a recognized and respected industry professional in the exciting world of hunting and fishing. He is the Host and Producer of SCI’s Expedition Safari an Outdoor Channel series in its 12th season. For the past 20 years, he has also produced SCI’s Annual Hunter’s Convention.
As a hunter and television producer, Mike has traveled to every corner of the globe capturing the essence of hunting and wildlife conservation, producing 185 different episodes.
Mike is currently developing new motion picture content on multiple projects and is a keynote speaker at special events throughout the country. He founded Safari Video Productions in 1987, now doing business as SpurWing Media, Inc. View Guest page

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Craig 'Sawman' Sawyer

Marine, Navy SEAL, High-Threat Mobile Security Contractor, Tactical Trainer and Tech Advisor for Film & Television. View Guest page

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TJ Schwanky

T.J. Schwanky is the co-host of Canada's longest-running hunting television series, Outdoor Quest TV. It is in its 18th season of broadcast. TJ is recognized as a mountain-hunting expert and is always in search of unique adventures that challenge both him and his gear. He has hunted on six continents and considers himself blessed to have experienced so many cultures. T.J and his partner, Vanessa Harrop, share a real passion for Africa. They have hunted the Dark Continent five times and have not only taken some great animals but also shared their harvest with, and brought humanitarian supplies to, those less fortunate in some of Africa's most remote regions. He is, however, still proud to call Canada and all its incredible hunting opportunities home. View Guest page

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Matt Schwartzkopf

Matthew is currently a coach on the USA FTR Rifle Team. Since 2011 when Matthew began shooting F Class he has won Gold Medals as a shooting member of the 2014 America Match team, 2015 Creedmoor Cup team, USA F/TR Team during the 2015 Emerald Match, and USA F/TR Team Blue during the 2015 Southwest Nationals. Matthew also took home a Gold medal for an individual match in the 2014 F Class National Championships, 3rd place in the 2015 Southwest Nationals, and 2nd place in the 2013 & 2014 Arizona State Mid-Range Championships. Matthew coached a four man USA team to win gold in the 2016 Canadian F-Class National Championships and the 2017 Southwest National Championships. Matthew currently works for the Arizona Game & Fish Department as the Statewide Shooting Range Administrator. In his spare time he also works for Applied Ballistics Munitions (ABM Ammo). View Guest page

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Alex Sitman

Alex Sitman, was born and raised in Central PA, in the town of Bellwood, where he currently resides. Married to Debra for 39 years, they have a son Matthew and daughter Melissa. Mountains surround their town and the hunting and fishing are great, especially the Whitetails. Graduating from Bellwood-Antis High School in 1974, Alex worked at PPG Automotive Glass Plant for 18 years before quitting and going full time into the stock making business being self-taught thru trial and error. He started competitive shooting in SB & HP Silhouette at age 28, later competing in Intl. Air Rifle, indoor 3-P and 50m 3-P, Conventional Prone, with a brief time in HP National Match Course with a M-14. When Alex started his business he ran an ad in Shooting Sports USA for $25. He did a few articles later for that magazine with Glenn Zediker about stock materials and bedding. That same article on stocks (Oct 2002) was shared by McMillan Fiberglass Stocks , Boyds Rifle stocks, and H-S Precision. View Guest page

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Daniel Smitchko

After being a machinist for 22 years and working for someone else I decided it was time to start my own machine shop and started Cutting Edge Machining Solutions, Inc in 2001. In 2010 we formed Cutting Edge Bullets, LLC to begin a product line of our own. Starting out with just two calibers in the MTH line, we quickly developed almost the entire line from 22 caliber through .375 during the first year. During year two we developed the MTAC line through 50 caliber and filled in the remaining gaps in the MTH line. Today we have 10 different complete lines of bullets that cover every type of from target shooting through dangerous game hunting. We are continually developing and adding lines with an additional line of extreme terminal performance hunting line of bullets in the works. We also offer a custom bullet service for the individual that wants a bullet they can call their own. View Guest page

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Courtney Smith

I’m Courtney Smith; I grew up in the outdoors: hiking, fishing, skiing, and camping. My husband introduced me to hunting just over 4 years ago. I have a passion for the outdoors, adventure and conservation. For me it is not so much about the kill as it is the experience and helping educate others, including anti-hunters, about the ethics involved in hunting.
One of my biggest prides, is that I consider myself a hard worker when hunting. It’s not uncommon for us to sleep in a tent or wake up at 2am to go hunt public land and stay till dark. I have also always had a desire to help educate women on how to be comfortable in the outdoors, which is why I decided to make my Instagram account public and use it to spread my story. I found that hunting and the outdoors are where I can truly help and connect with others by sharing the knowledge and failures I have gained through my experiences. View Guest page

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Ryan Sorenson

Ryan Sorensen is a lifelong hunter, fisherman, shooter and lover of wild places. He grew up in rural Utah chasing any game that was huntable and wetting a line every chance he got. In his late teens he had the opportunity to spend a few years living in the West African country of Ivory Coast and quickly became obsessed with Africa. After returning to the states he married a terrific woman that shared his passion for the outdoors. 16 years and 6 kids later, he and Kolbi enjoy passing on the outdoor legacy to their kids.
Ryans greatest hunting love stateside is chasing the elusive high country, public ground Mule Deer. African plains game comes in a close second. Ryan has hunted across the Western US and in Africa with trips to New Zealand in the near future and Africa any chance he gets. View Guest page

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Richard Sprague

Richard’s father opened their leading Yuma sporting goods store back in 1956 and Richard grew up crawling around the cement floors of his family's business. He got involved in competitive shooting starting at age 8, and has been a life member of the NRA since 1971. Richard has transformed the successful family business into a beacon of community pride, preserving and growing Arizona’s hunting and shooting heritage. Each year Sprague’s rolls out the red carpet for thousands of local and non-resident hunters who flock to Yuma for the annual Early Dove Hunt. It’s a major economic shot in the arm for Yuma and Richard is a big part of its ongoing success. And, of course, his store is the ‘the hub’ of activity surrounding this community effort. He serves in the Board of Governors for the NSSF and is the Chairman of their Retail Advisory Council. View Guest page

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Cheryl & Dan Todd

Dan & Cheryl Todd are the Owner of AZFirearms, Pot Of Gold Auctions, and Executive Producers and Hosts of Gun Freedom Radio. They bring a unique voice to the Firearms Industry and a desire to instill the value of the Second Amendment in generations to come. Cheryl is a sought-after Speaker and has published several articles. Dan is a Master Gun Smith, Firearms Expert and has grown AZFirearms to an impressive collection of over 1,000 firearms. AZFirearms has something for everyone, from the first-time gun owner to the most avid collector.
They travel the Country speaking out for Second Amendment Rights and have appeared on various news outlets. They support organizations such as Refuse To Be A Victim, Child Safe, The Eddie Eagle Program, DC Project, several other industry charities, and hold an annual First Responders Appreciation Day Fundraiser.
For more info go to View Guest page

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Nancy Tompkins

When Nancy was in 7th grade her dad, a police officer, introduced her to competitive smallbore rifle shooting thru a local junior club. Thru the years she has shot smallbore – conventional and metric prone, smallbore 3-position, air rifle, highpower across the course and long range (1000 yards), F-Class F-TR and F-Open.
Nancy has shot or coached on USA international teams for F-Class, long range Palma Teams and smallbore prone. Her shooting has taken her all over the world including Scotland, Ireland, England, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Her best times have been spent shooting with her family and friends, team matches and representing the USA. After teaching a few NRA Long Range Firing Schools she was coaxed by friends to write a book, and in 2003, authored “Prone and Long Range Rifle Shooting”. View Guest page

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Director Larry Voyles

Larry Voyles is the Director of the Arizona Game and Fish Department and served as President of the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA) from September 2014 to September 2015. Larry has worked for the Arizona Game and Fish Department for 42 years starting out as a District Wildlife Manager with responsibilities for wildlife management, fisheries management, public affairs and law enforcement at a district level.
Larry serves on a variety of national boards including the Council to Advance the Hunting and Shooting Sports, he represents the State Wildlife Agencies on the Wildlife and Hunter Heritage Conservation Council, Co-Chair of the Agency/Industry Coalition, the US Sportsman Alliance Youth Program Advisory Council, Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, Legal Committee (Chair). Director Voyles’ department has approximately 600 employees, a 100 million dollar budget and owns or manages 274,000 acres of land including a variety of wildlife areas. View Guest page

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Taylor Warwick

With humble beginnings, at just 3 years old, Taylor was carried around on his father’s shoulders into the duck marshes of the Kansas & Missouri Flyways.
In 2012, Warwick created the first-ever, semi-live web-based hunting show known as Rock Road Pursuits. WMG has formed into one of the Outdoor Industry’s leading media outlets, being your go-to for video, print, photography, marketing, and social media marketing.
Today, Taylor has created and built one of the most recognized Outdoor & Extreme Sport Full-Service Production & Marketing outlets, Warwick Media Group. Warwick Media Group has a list of clients, partners, and projects that will truly impress and compel, spanning from hunting & fishing companies/individuals, to special events, concerts & weddings.
WMG also helps Hunters with trips and also books hunts for individuals, groups, and companys across the globe. View Guest page

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Butch Whiting

Butch Whiting separated from the U.S. Army as a Major with 11 years of service in 2008. His military leadership experience has translated well into the civilian business world. Upon separating from the Military, Butch moved from a silent partner to the Majority shareholder of Bighorn Enterprises LLC. This Alaskan based Construction and Transportation company excelled under his management, vision, and overall leadership.
Butch was selected to be the CEO of Kryptek Outdoor Group in 2011 when Kryptek entered into an exclusive sales arrangement with Cabela’s. 2010 through 2013 Butch led Kryptek through the government’s “U.S. Army Camo Improvement Effort” which was the most extensive camo development and testing in world history. Under his leadership, Kryptek has experienced phenomenal growth and is recognized as an international brand.
His hobbies and interests nest into his business and include competitive shooting, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreation. View Guest page

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Todd Wickstrom

Todd grew up in Southern California and starred in several TV commercials as a child. Escaping SoCal in 1993 he transferred to Boise State to complete his marketing degree. He started Sushi on the Spot in 1996, selling it in 2011 and then successfully implemented a wholesale supplement distribution company named Wicky Wicky.
He also started Guns Gong Crazy in 2012 because he simply did not like the portable steel target options that were available at the Big Box stores or online. It was at that moment that he knew there was an opportunity for a low cost, easily transportable steel system.
His targets can now be found in Bix Box outlets as well as on his website View Guest page

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