Celebrating with Live Readings for the Summer Solstice and New Moon

June 21, 2017
Hosted by Shamanic Mystic Jea’nah Jens

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Welcome, I’m going live in my Medicine Room so join me as I celebrate by opening the call lines so you can ask me questions about this Summer Season. I will be using my OH Cards that are wonderful for analyzing anything. Tylah McAboy, my apprentice of three years will be joining me today. Beautiful music will be played for journeying into my guided meditation in honor of opening the sacred circle of the Summer Solstice Ceremony. Tylah will share her three-year story of what it’s like to be a Shamanic Apprentice. We will have a conversation about the symbols to use in building an alter for any power day, special occasions or ceremony. Will share wisdom about the Summer Solstice and how u can use this knowledge in your everyday life. My goal is to encourage you to use any part of our experience so you can activate taking part in building an alter or creating your own powerful Ceremony to enrich your life. Tune In!

Beyond Tarot and More

Wednesday at 11 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Empowement Channel

Can you believe what a fast paced, crazy world we are living in now? Our everyday lives are changing by the day. Here is the question that shows up so often. Is your life mission being fulfilled? How about your growth in beauty, happiness and empowerment? Where do you fit in? My platform brings support in being compassionate around finding answers to these questions. Each show orchestrates fresh information and education in a variety of alternative ways. My guests share stories that you have never heard before. This will stimulate new doors to open for A-HA moments to occur.

My guests also receive card readings around the subjects that we are talking about during each show. The purpose is to inspire you to have solutions for all your tomorrows.

Live calls are taken, so I invite you to ask me a question and we will see what shows up in your card layouts. My gifts have touched so many lives for over forty years and I would love for you to be one of them.

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Shamanic Mystic Jea’nah Jens

My calling and mission as a Beauty Medicine Woman is to lead by example and engage people with my knowledge in an empowering way. It is an honor to be on the VoiceAmerica platform and to touch humanity with this ancient wisdom. The talent, courage, and trust my grandmother and mother shared, allowed me to become a medium, with intuitive and visionary skills.

I’m a certified shaman that has worked with two male shamans from North America and a female shaman from South America. Traveling into the Andes Mountains is where I met the Machi tribe and was taught the power of transport healing. I use this technique in my crystal ball viewings.

Forty years of experience has gone into refining my multi-faceted beyond tarot and more card readings. Using different card layouts and channeling have served me well in phone counsel and mentoring.

Through my studies with Tom Kenyon, a sound master, I’ve learned the art of sounding. I use the properties of sound to open and close each healing session and in my journeying within high ceremony.

I have thirty years of experience training with Anne Marie Carmonzind, a skin care teacher from Switzerland. Her wisdom brought me into the power of becoming a Beauty Medicine Woman. My passion lies in traveling all over the world to teach different ceremonies in women’s circles. When the magic of the divine feminine touches you with her sweet energy, it will awaken and change your life forever.

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June 2017

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May 2017

Toby Chrisitensen

Toby Christensen is a recognized expert and innovator in the field of therapeutic drumming and music. “Change Your Rhythm and Change Your Life” is the foundation of his therapies, his teachings and his music. He is known as a “Sonic Architect.” Toby uses sound energy to create a force that disrupts unhealthy patterns then combines elemental rhythms to restore and realign. the mind, body, and spirit. Whether you are working live with Toby utilizing his unique therapeutic drumming techniques or listening to one of his customized Shift It! soundtracks, one thing is for sure, your life will be positively changed after an experience with him. Toby always brings his “A Game”! With his high level energy, unique music skills, and decades of study with indigenous people and therapeutic experts around the world, he brings a revolutionary viewpoint to solving life issues on both the personal and business levels. View Guest page

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Grand Mother ItzpapalotI

Grandmother Itzpapalotl is a Taino native, born in Puerto Rico, residing the last 30yrs in Costa Rica. She became a student of Lakota Elder Hidden Wolf back in 1997. She then spent much of her time apprenticing in Mexico where she eventually passed the sacred Altar of the Moon Dance by the original organizer Grandmother Isabel Vega Toluimatl. Shortly after, she opened the Moon dance in Costa Rica in 2009 with the guidance of Grandmother Maria Soto Malinalli. This past year she has now opened a Moon Dance in Puerto Rico (Boriken), bringing this medicine to her people! Currently she lives and care takes at her Spiritual Center, “Teo Chantili,” in Costa Rica that is becoming a gathering and teaching place of elders from around the world. Here many ceremonies are held throughout the year including Moon Dance, Timescale (sweat lodge), Sacred Pipe Ceremony, Vision Quests, Medicine Ceremonies, Moon-planting, and more. Teo Chantli has welcomed hundreds of men and women in. View Guest page

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Pamela Langenderfer

Dr. Pamela Langenderfer is a Naturopathic physician and licensed acupuncturist. She takes a unique holistic approach to finding the underlying cause of a person's disease with an emphasis on nutrition, herbs, and nutrients as the cornerstone to health. She specializes in natural hormone balance and treats conditions such as hypothyroid, hashimotos, menopause, and fertility. View Guest page

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Charles Lightwalker

Charles is an ordained Minister, Certified Religious Counselor, Certified Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, holds a Masters in Chaplaincy Studies and holds a doctorate in Religious Studies/World Shamanism. Charles is also a shamanic practitioner, sound healer and yoga enthusiast. Charles enjoys walking, hiking, dancing and playing music. Charles also serves as a Chaplin for Unity Spiritual Center in Spokane, WA, and for 2 and a half years was a part time minister for the Center for Spiritual Living in Clarkston, WA. Charles also taught Metis Shamanism for 10 years, through the Intuitive Healing Arts Program for the Family of Light Healing Centre. Charles has practiced in both the United States and the United Kingdom. View Guest page

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Tylah McAboy

I reached out to Great Spirit and asked for help with direction on my path, shortly after I met Jeanah. We've worked together for 3 years, developing tools and unlocking programs where now I'm able to define a path in Light, Strength and Beauty with Spirit.Remembering where I started, The journey is rich and beautiful, I walk in gratitude, A-HO. View Guest page

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