Posttraumatic Growth After Human Sex Trafficking and Trauma

July 26, 2021
Hosted by Elaine Miller-Karas, LCSW

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Meet Me At the Shore: Tracking the Tide of Posttraumatic Growth After Human Trafficking and Trauma K Thomas, a trained trauma therapist and a survivor of sexual and relationship violence. K will weave their personal and professional journey through the challenges of healing, finding appropriate care, and the constant ebb and flow of posttraumatic growth. Working with North County Lifeline’s Project LIFE, K has provided trauma therapy, reprocessing, case management, and emergency response to survivors of sex and labor trafficking and exploitation. K will share personal and professional experiences of posttraumatic growth and experiences of their work with survivors of human trafficking and exploitation and practical tips of how to meet clients at the shore of resiliency. Survivors of human trafficking and exploitation are no stranger to the reality that healing from trauma is a lifelong process. Many survivors of human trafficking have experienced severe psychology, financial, physical, and sexual violence with long lasting mental, physical, legal, and financial impacts. Some folks might even ask if it’s possible to heal from so much trauma. If you are working to overcome your own traumas or working in the mental health field, you’ve probably heard the phrase “Healing isn’t linear.” Just like nature itself, we move through seasons of growth, death, expansion, and contraction in our healing journeys. We often become discouraged by setbacks, triggers, and obstacles to obtain care. We become overwhelmed by the dance floor of trauma, caught up in the constant movement, high energy, and lack of center. But what if stepped off the dance floor and onto the balcony? What if we viewed our journey as constant exploration of self instead of a task to complete?

Resiliency Within

Resiliency Within

Monday at 1 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel

Elaine Miller-Karas will amplify the message of hope, healing and resiliency she has learned from our world community as she has traversed the globe after human made and natural disasters. Hope often springs forth in response to suffering and trauma. Our beliefs and our wellbeing are being challenged during these unprecedented times.

The program Resiliency Within is about cultivating individual and community resiliency. Resiliency is the capacity to lean into our strengths with compassion during the most challenging of times and to remember "what else is true?" about our lived experience.

Her guests are inspiring global leaders actively promoting healing and resiliency from a variety of backgrounds. The goal is to spread wellbeing and give individual and community examples to inspire how wellness skills, including ones based upon neuroscience and the biology of the human nervous system, can be integrated into one's life, family and community during challenging times.

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Elaine Miller-Karas, LCSW

Elaine Miller-Karas, LCSW

Elaine Miller-Karas, LCSW, has been called an "ambassador of hope" and a "resilience guru." She is an author, advocate, a social worker, a trauma therapist, a co-founder of an international organization, the Trauma Resource Institute and key developer of the Community and Trauma Resiliency Models.

She is the author of “Building Resiliency to Trauma, the Trauma and Community Resiliency Models(r)” (2015). She is committed to bringing accessible and affordable interventions based on neuroscience and the biology of the human nervous system to our world's community. Her models have been introduced to over 102 countries.

Elaine is a recognized international speaker and has presented at the Skoll World Forum at Oxford University and the United Nations. Her book was selected by the United Nations curated on-line library as one of the innovations that can help meet its Sustainable Development Goals.

Elaine feels passionately about the impact of climate change on our world community. She is a founding member of the International Transformational Resilience Coalition, an organization focused on the impact of climate change on mental health. She is dedicated to the world's children and she has worked with collaborators to develop interventions for children, parents and teachers to help reduce the impact of trauma. Consequently, she is a Senior Consultant to Emory University’s SEE Learning program, inspired and launched by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 2019.

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